Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Practice makes perfect!

So Eddy says he's interested in tennis. We are lucky since we are staying in a condo, we only need to walk down to the tennis court. I plan to do it everyday. So far it has been 2 days. I don't have the patience when it comes to coaching or teaching.
Well, I was never into tennis before but it's interesting to play. We lost a couple of balls here and there. LOL! I'm teaching myself how to play tennis via youtube videos. Serious, I think I will have to buy some dvd/cd and watch it and see how they play. Once I'm good I hope I'm able to teach my son..at least :P

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Healthier food for my family

Fastfood is always the easiest way to get food when you're on the go. Even for a stay-at-home mom like me...I can't stay home and cook meal after meal. *pengsan*
Well, I was one of Mcdonalds's regular customer. Mcd's was my lunch and dinner since I was 14. Heck! My relatives knows me as the 'Effa budak Mcdonalds'. lol!
Now, that I'm 31 and a mother. I decided to kick that fastfood eating habit (let's see for how long lah). I want to avoid buying fries, fried stuff and processed meat. Then again, going all organics are not cheap either. Living in a condo, I can't grow my own herbs. Especially my condo...due to lack of sunlight. We hardly get any direct sunlight since it's a corner unit. sigh.
My boys loves some fruits and vegetables.
As for myself. I'm trying to get rid of this belly fat of mine. It's been there since forever. I hope by eating lots of vegies, fruits and cutting down on fatty foods, softdrinks and carbs, my belly fat will melt away. Yippie!