Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm baaack!

I totally forgotten that I have a blog. Unlike most people, I don't update as often. LOL! But I swear I will...soon ;)
Anyway, my son started schooling early this year. He's in primary 1. How times flies. I send him to school and fetch him after school. Kinda used to this now. You see, I'm not a morning person. So waking up at 6am is something I DON'T wish to do..unless I don't have a right now. Thank goodness my other son is only 3 (turning 4). He will be in kindy next year. He seems a lil mischievous at home. Testing my patience, pushing his boundaries all the time. Argghh! *roll eyes*

Oh! You know what happened this morning when I was driving back home, after sending my son to school? These 2 idiots on the road was speeeeeding. LIKE HELL! I mean, it was 7'ish in the morning. Chill lah sikit. What's the rush right? But by the look of it, they were racing. I was driving at 80km/h in my kembara and these 2 black cars over took my car. One on the right and the other on my left. Wow! I could feel the wind. Naik bulu roma sekejap. That way scary! Luckily nothing happened :) Phew!