Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pentas Anak Wayang final.

Astro Anak Wayang Final

Date | 31 July 2009 (tomorrow nite)

Day | Friday

Time | 9.00 p.m.

Venue | Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC)

Door will be opened from 9.00 – 9.45 p.m.

LIVE Show will start at 10.00 p.m. sharp

I have 6 VIP tickets...if you want, sms me and if you don't have my number simply leave a message here...please don't call me. Adios!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

If you don't look isn't for you

After sending Eddy to school this morning, I went to 7-eleven near my house. As I was getting out of my car, I saw a lady coming out of her car which was right in front of mine. I was flabbergasted when I saw her butt crack. Geez woman! I saw (almost) her entire butt. I tried VERY hard to look away but like a eyes looked at 'it' again. It wasn't sexy it was just down right disgusting. She pulled her jeans up and tugged her t-shirt down before entering 7-eleven. Thank god for that! LOL!
Anyways, that gave me an idea. I'm going to talk about types or jeans for certain type of people. Based on my observation that is. I have many jeans. I have all types of jeans. When it's IN, I get them..regardless of how it looks on me. So that's how I came to know why certain jeans just won't go well with certain type of people. I have learned from my mistakes. But don't follow everything I say. Like I said, based on my experience and observation ;)

So lets analyse your body type :-

Are you a cone shape?
Cone shape people have heavier top but slimmer waist, hips and legs. Basically like a shape of a cone.

Are you an hour glass shape?
Hour glass shape has bigger top, small waist and bigger hip. Like an hour glass.

Are you a pear shape?
Small top but heavier/bigger bottom.

Are you a plank shape?
Straight from top to bottom no curves whatsoever.

Are you petite?
Small body frame, small hips, waist, not so tall.

Before I start, I just want to share some tips on jeans...ahaks!

If you have a big butt (like J.lo) you might wanna get jeans with smaller back pockets with closer gap. This way, your butt can appear a lot smaller and narrower.

If you're on a heavier side, avoid baggy jeans. Always get a slimmer cut, darker coloured jeans. Dark blue, blue, black as long as it isn't beige, white, yellow. That's a NO NO! Because lighter colour can make something or someone appear bigger. Also get jeans that is faded in the middle.

If you're really skinny with skinny legs, avoid buying jeans with white fade thingy in the middle. That will only make your legs even skinnier.

If you want to look taller and slimmer, try getting darker blue jeans that's faded white in the middle. It gives an impression that you have a long slim legs. Also don't forget to wear them with heels/wedges.

People with a pouch/bulge/tummy whatever you might call it and also let's not forget...the hips. You should get jeans that are middle rise. Middle as in not too high up and not too low like a low rise jeans.
Maybe above your hip bone, a lil below your belly button. This type of jeans can keep your stomach in ;). If you wear low rise jeans, your tummy may appear resting on the brim of your jeans...especially after a meal. Trust me honey...I've been there.

Okay, so let's see what type of jeans fits you better (pls refer above):-

If you're a cone shape, wear a flare or a straight cut or a straight boot cut jeans. If you want to make your body to appear proportionate. Avoid skinny jeans because you don't want to make your small bottom and legs to appear even smaller.

If you're an hour glass shape, get a middle rise jeans. Some of you can still pull off wearing low rise but most can't. You can also wear boot cut jeans, straight slim cut, skinny as long as it's a middle rise. Depending on the length of your torso. If you have a shorter torso, wear a higher waist jeans to make your legs appear longer.

If you're a pear shape, get darker washed middle rise boot cut jeans to look slimmer. Avoid light coloured jeans. Always wear your jeans with heels/wedges. Not too sure about skinny jeans though.

If you're a plank shape. You're good in almost any type of jeans. Skinny, boot cut, flare, straight, should go well. If you're really tall avoid wearing 3"high heels (or more). I have seen a few who are really tall with really high heels, they look like Leaning Tower of Pisa...or walking at 45 degree angle. uhuh!

And if you're petite, never get jeans that are flare, and ends above your ankle. It's going to make you look even shorter. That's right girls. If it falls a lil lower than your ankle than it's ok. Not too long don't want to be sweeping the floor. Get jeans with those white fade in the middle of your thigh. It can make you look like you have longer, slimmer legs. Also if you're not tall, avoid baggy jeans. If you still want to wear baggy jeans, make sure your top is tight and plain. Always wear your jeans with heels/wedges not flats. If possible, have your shoes same colour as the jeans that you're wearing because it'll make you look even taller.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heal the world

It's funny how people are able to keep their own house clean and tidy...virtually trash free while they trash the world with no remorse. Maybe they are uninformed.
We are living on the same planet, we call earth. Let's not pollute it.

It's easy to recycle and slow down global warming. Recycling should start from home. When I say recycle and don't pollute the world, I'm not telling you, to go buy a hybrid car.'s good if you can. Hehehe! I'm driving a normal car and yes, I too contribute to carbon emission like most of us. I can't afford to get a hybrid...yet. So it's about doing what we can here. :) Go for organic produce if you can afford or grow your own organic fruits and vegetables. There are many ways to do it.
You can recycle by using your old stuff again instead of throwing them away. You can cut your old unwanted towel into smaller pieces and use it as kain know, to wipe the mess your kids make...if you have any. LOL! You can also make unwanted stuff into something useful. Be creative. My cousin made a dollhouse for her daughter out of a box. She decorated it nicely. I think that's a brilliant idea.
You can donate unwanted stuff. There are plenty of ways to donate. You don't have to go that far. Give hand-me-down clothes to your relatives. After all charity starts from home *wink* ;)
As for stuff like bottles, cans, papers, etc you can separate them individually into trash box/cans. You know, things like papers, cans, glasses and bottles are recyclable. Seriously, it's easier than you think. Start one step at a time. Batteries should never go to trash cans. Because batteries contains toxic chemicals such as cadmium, lithium, silver, nickel, and mercury. These will contaminate our environment, it can travel into our earth and underground water. So think twice before doing so. Because one day you might end up drinking battery juice. *cringe* Recycle your old stuff at abumama...even your old batteries.

Last but not least, try unplugging, turning off, reducing heat on water heater, reducing fan speed, increasing air condition temperature, travelling a lil less, bring your own bag when you shop, reduce the use of water as much as possible (I didn't say skip your bath)...remember, our little changes goes a loooooooooong way. :) I'm not going to write anymore..I'm already using too much energy here. :O

Monday, July 27, 2009

Reminiscing our trip to Hong Kong

We went to Hong Kong last March. It was AWESOME!! The weather was just's cool but at night it can get quite chilly. The flight from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong was like 4 hours. It was our boys' first time in an airplane :) They sat in their seat and didn't make a fuss about it. After all, they are used to buckling up in our car.

Victoria Harbour babeh!! We watched the Symphony of Lights at 8pm. 

The next day we went to Ocean Park. We spend a lil more than RM500 (If I'm not mistaken we paid HK$1020) for the package (coach+ entrance ticket for 2 adults 2 kids). You might get a better deal from the hotel or elsewhere. We took this package from our tour agency.

Ocean Park has 2 theme parks in it. One on the higher land and one on the lower land. You can get there by cable car or bus (inclusive in the park entrance). But I suggest you take the cable car because the view is breathtaking. :)

Food in Hong Kong is expensive and much more expensive when you're in a theme park. Depends where you eat. The price of food in TGI Fridays is triple the price here in Malaysia. No kidding! And kids DO NOT get to eat for free. Yes, you can call me Ms. Kiasu. LOL!
You are not allowed to bring outside food or drinks into any of these theme parks (including HK Disneyland) so you have no choice but to buy whatever they have there. A small bottle of coke cost HK$20 so it's about RM10. Normally it's about RM1.30 per bottle of 500ml right? Even a bottle of mineral water is about the same price.

Watching real live pandas in action is really something. Well, not much of an action since they don't move much. LOL! They are very gentle and quiet animal. I bet they love Tai Chi. I don't think they're agressive unless provoked. SO all they do is just sit and eat. 

Priceless moment!

That night after dinner, we decided to walk and explore Hong Kong. We found ladies market just a walking distance from our hotel. We stayed in Royal Plaza. I think if we visit Hong Kong again, we'll definitely stay at the same hotel because it's not only adjacent to a mall but it's near ladies market. Yeay! 

Yup! I got new boots. Bought them at ladies market. Well, not actually the market but the shops at the side. It was a steal!! *grin* If you have been to Petaling Street in KL, you can roughly imagine how ladies market is like. But a lil different of course. They even have manicure service in some of those stalls. :) Ladies Market closes at 11pm every night. So if you wanna go...make sure you're there early with lots of HK$ because you will shop till you drop.

Yes, it's Hong Kong Disneyland babeh!! It was our first time in Disneyland. Some says it's the smallest but to us, it was just nice. It was so magical. We plan to visit the rest of the Disneyland theme parks all around the world. And of course, Disneyworld. Insyallah :) 

My boys and I.

Disneyland railroad

On the train

The parade was amazing!! We saw our favourite cartoon characters.

Festival of The Lion King. Something you should NOT miss if you're there. It's a must to watch.

My boys at Tomorrowland. It was getting dark. Time flies when you're having so much fun.

We sat on the pavement and waited for the fireworks show

With Disney music in the was an indescribable feeling.
I felt like a kid again.

"Yeay! Had so much fun today. Now let's go back to our hotel and have dinner."

Eddy and Rayn

Us infront of the Hollywood Hotel, Disneyland.

Strolling after dinner on our last night in Hong Kong, Disneyland.

Boys weren't able to sleep. Too excited to go to Disneyland again the next day :) I don't blame them.

Our hotel room was a-okay. For the price that we paid, I expected more than that. The hotel is nice but our room windows looked like it needed to be cleaned..from the outside. Other than that, staying in the Hollywood Disneyland hotel was an amazing experience.

The bus that took us to Disneyland and back to the hotel. Didn't have to wait long.

Boys with the chipmunks. Chip and Dale.

Rayn's favourite character. Buzz light year.

My boys at Tarzan's tree house.

We watched the parade for the second time before leaving. Yes, we had to leave the park early because we had a coach to catch. Our flight back was at 8pm. We would love to stay longer...perhaps the next time :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

KL Bird Park

Saturday 25/7/2009. Took our boys to the Bird Park. The place is nice. But kena go in the morning sebab PANAS. We left early. We didn't catch the bird show :( But it was nice feeding those birds. Glad the boys enjoyed it!