Friday, August 28, 2009

Bandung Special :D

My favourite drink for breaking fast.

Mix water and ice-cream soda. Stir vigorously.

Add sirap and stir

add milk and stir vigorously. If you have biji selasih (basil seed) simply just add it in. But you need to soak the seed in warm water first until it becomes gelatinous (sampai kembang).

Selamat berbuka puasa :D

The good ol' Raya

My sisters and I in Perlis. If I'm not mistaken, this picture was taken back in 1990. Clockwise from the top is my eldest sister Shelly, myself (youngest), Susan (2nd) and Eyna (3rd).
Just look at my hair :B Kah kah kah! Sshhhh! I wanted to be Jordan Knight. You know Jordan? He was from a band called NKOTB (New Kids On The Block). Now, you remember? HAHAHAHA!

Picture above was taken last year on Raya night, 2008. About 18 years later *wink* Clockwise from the top, me (mom of 2 boys), Shelly (mom of 3 girls and a boy), Eyna (mom of 4 girls and a boy) and Susan (mom of 2 girls and a boy).

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Spring cleaning ;}

Today I had the urge to clean up the house. Don't know where I got the energy from. LOL! Alhamdulilah the weather is so and windy. It's still drizzling outside ;). If I'm not fasting I'd be relaxing on the couch with a mug of hot milo and a bowl of cut green apples sprinkled with asam boi. Thee hee hee!

I feel that time passes by slowly when I'm fasting. So decided to kill time doing house chores. I cleaned up my kitchen and sort out the whatever stuff and throw away/recycle unwanted stuff , I vacuumed, mop and vacuumed the floor again. The floor is so clean I can see my reflection on it. Glad the weather is good because I didn't even sweat or felt warm infact I wore a pair of socks to keep my feet warm :P
While cleaning up a drawer I found quite a lot of cook books. Yeeaayy! Will do more cooking soon. I never knew I had that many books. I drooled looking at the pictures...I decided to go through the books some other time..perhaps when I'm full. hehehe!
Anyways, time was still moving slooooowwly... I could hear the seconds ticking in slow motion in my head tick.......................tock..........................tick...................tock. Sorry I was just exaggerating. LOL!

I think I have mastered the art of selective hearing. The whole time when I was busy cleaning up the house, my boys were screaming, chasing, jumping and did whatever boys do best. Occasionally my goody two-shoes son Eddy, would come running to me to report about his feisty lil brother. Rayn punch me, Rayn hit me, Rayn poked me, Rayn was on top of the TV...again. Sigh. Wish I can ignore. Sometimes when I'm so mad, I'd tell them that I'll go to work and leave them with a maid. They'll behave but that usually won't last long.

But I know, at the end of the day, when they are all grown up, I'll miss picking up their toys off the floor, I'll miss the endless screams, cries and laughs. :D

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What's all the fuss?

Caning of model deferred


KUALA KANGSAR: Part-time model Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, who was scheduled to be caned yesterday for drinking beer, has been released temporarily after religious authorities taking her to the Kajang prison literally made a U-turn.

Kartika was released temporarily as it was not advisable for the sentence to be meted out during the fasting month.

She will now be sentenced after Ramadan.

The Pahang Religious Department enforcement officers, who took Kartika in a van from her parent’s house in Sungai Siput near here, only went 200m away from the house before they were ordered to send her back.

Back to her family: Kartika is received by her father Shukarnor in Sungai Siput Monday after religuos enforcement officers sent her home shortly after picking her up.-Reuters

Kartika faces six strokes of the rotan for drinking beer in public but caning was deferred at the 11th hour.

In Kuantan, Pahang’s Religious Affairs, Dakwah, Unity and NGOs committee chairman Datuk Mohd Sahfri Abdul Aziz said the state religious department enforcement officers had gone to Kartika’s house in Sungai Siput, Perak, yesterday to issue a warrant of arrest for her to be sent to the Kajang Prison for the whipping sentence to be carried out.

“At the same time, they received a letter from the Attorney-General’s Chambers advising them to release Kartika temporarily.

“The sentence remains. She will be caned after the fasting month. It is true that Kartika has been released but it is temporary only,’’ he said.

The 32-year-old mother of two girls told reporters outside the district police contingent here in Kuala Kangsar that she wants to be whipped.

“No matter what, I still stand by my decision that I want to be whipped,”

On July 20, the Pahang Syariah High Court had fined Kartika RM5,000 and ordered her to be given six strokes of the rotan after she pleaded guilty to drinking beer at a hotel lounge in Cherating last year.

The enforcement officers picked up Kartika at about 9.30am but stopped by the roadside for some 40 minutes before eventually turning back at about 10.15am.

An argument ensued between the enforcement officers and Kartika’s father Shukarnor Abdul Mutalib, who was said to have been forced to take back his daughter.

”What is going to happen to me? There is no black and white stating what all this is about. Why do this to me? Why kick me around like a football? This is what’s causing me so much sadness,” Kartika said, before breaking down and sobbing.

Shukarnor told reporters that he and his daughter had lodged separate police reports to safeguard themselves in the matter.

The 60-year-old resort operator explained that Kartika had decided to go through with the caning to put an end to the agony she and the family had to go through for the past year.

Pffft! I don't get it. Why her? Yes, I understand that muslims are not allowed to drink what more drinking in public right? But...what about other muslims who drink and open bottles at clubs, bars, restaurants, etc. Unlucky for her...she was caught. If the religious department wants to punish muslim 'drinkers' at least be blardy consistent. Is it only in Pahang that they go around catching muslim drinkers? So it's ok to drink in KL? I can't believe this story made it to the news. Sigh. Buat malu Malaysia saja :/

Unpublicised preventive steps to avoid H1N1

(my cousin forwarded this email to's from a doctor)

Thanks to media hype about H1N1, several people who trust me have
either approached or called me to advise. The hype in media about the
utility of face masks and N95 respirators as a tool for general
protection against H1N1 can't be deplored enough. Yesterday, a friend
who listened wanted me to write down briefly what I advised so that he
could tell others in similar words. Hence this short email to friends
whom I have advised recently (and others whom I haven't yet). Please
realize that this is not an official advice, especially the one about
face masks or N95.

Most N95 respirators are designed to filter 95% particulates of 0.3µ,
while the size of H1N1 virus is about 0.1µ. Hence, dependence on N95
to protect against H1N1 is like protecting against rain with an
umbrella made of mosquito net.

Tamiflu does not kill but prevents H1N1 from further proliferation
till the virus limits itself in about 1-2 weeks (its natural cycle).
H1N1, like other Influenza A viruses, only infects the upper
respiratory tract and proliferates (only) there. The only portals of
entry are the nostrils and mouth/ throat. In a global epidemic of this
nature, it's almost impossible not coming into contact with H1N1 in
spite of all precautions. Contact with H1N1 is not so much of a
problem as proliferation is.

While you are still healthy and not showing any symptoms of H1N1
infection, in order to prevent proliferation, aggravation of symptoms
and development of secondary infections, some very simple steps - not
fully highlighted in most official communications - can be practiced
(instead of focusing on how to stock N95 or Tamiflu):

1. Frequent hand-washing (well highlighted in all official communications).

2. "Hands-off-the-face" approach. Resist all temptations to touch any
part of face (unless you want to eat, bathe or slap).

3. Gargle twice a day with warm salt water (use Listerine if you
don't trust salt). H1N1 takes 2-3 days after initial infection in the
throat/ nasal cavity to proliferate and show characteristic symptoms.
Simple gargling prevents proliferation. In a way, gargling with salt
water has the same effect on a healthy individual that Tamiflu has on
an infected one. Don't underestimate this simple, inexpensive and
Powerful preventative method.

4. Similar to 3 above, clean your nostrils at least once every day
with warm salt water. Not everybody may be good at Jala Neti or Sutra
Neti (very good Yoga asanas to clean nasal cavities), but blowing the
nose hard once a day and swabbing both nostrils with cotton buds
dipped in warm salt water is very effective in bringing down viral

5. Boost your natural immunity with foods that are rich in Vitamin C
(Amla and other citrus fruits). If you have to supplement with Vitamin
C tablets, make sure that it also has Zinc to boost absorption.

6. Drink water frequently to keep your throat moist all the time.

7. Drink as much of warm liquids as you can. Drinking warm liquids
has the same effect as gargling, but in the reverse direction. They
wash off proliferating viruses from the throat into the stomach where
they cannot survive, proliferate or do any harm.

8. Now is the time to quit smoking.

All these are simple ways to prevent, within means of most households,
and certainly much less painful than to wait in long queues outside
public hospitals.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Jillian Michaels

If you have watched THE BIGGEST LOSER you must be familiar with Jillian Michaels. She's a fitness expert and I just LOVE LOve love her exercise workouts!! You can try it too..I can't post it here it says 'Embedding disabled by request' can still go to the link and view it!!
Level 1 part 1
Level 1 part 2
Level 1 part 3
Do it 3 times a week or more if you have the time. It doesn't take long...maybe around 30mins ;D Once you feel that level 1 is pretty easy, do level 2. It's on youtube...just search for it.

Yup! It's about eating the right carbs ;D

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Speedy recovery

Been meaning to publish this post since last 2 weeks. :P

Anyway, my boys had mild cold 2 weeks ago..just sniffles and cough sans fever. Alhamdulilah. It was quick. I'm like super paranoid right now with H1N1 scare. I dare not take any chances.

Eddy and I are asthmatics. Sadly we fall into the high risk category. I have asthma since...forever *sigh*. I still remember when I was little I ate fresh honey (madu kampung) with raw egg. *YUCK* I never liked it but was told that it'll cure my asthma. I ate it regardless of it's taste. I fought my gag reflex each time I swallow. (Goosebumps just thinking about it). Did that helped? NO! Why?....ahh I'll explain later

I cut back on my boys' protein intake when they are down with cold or flu or just cough. It really helps. They recover much faster too. Why? Because protein creates mucous. When they are down with cold or flu or cough, their body creates mucous. Excessive amount of mucous,will drip at the back of their throat. It usually irritates the throat hence making them cough. When mucous is not properly cleared from the airways,
the mucous is prone to
an infection. Sometimes excessive mucous in the lungs may lead
to pneumonia (happened to my hubby), bronchiolitis (what happened to my son when he was a baby), bronchitis, asthma, and other respiratory complications. Yes, from something as simple as cold/flu can lead to something major. So cutting back on protein in their diet, helps lessens the amount of mucous in the respiratory system. It's normal that our body produces's our body's defence mechanism to fight against infection.
Sometimes when I know I'm coming down with flu (swollen lymph nodes on my neck), I'd take extra care, take my vitamins religiously (cod oil, Vit c), avoid certain food, drink good amount of water and you know what...sometimes I recover without even falling sick :) So listen to your body.

When your kids are down with cold or flu, cut back on some of their protein intake...milk, cheese (so pizza, lasagna, mac and cheese, should be avoided too), peanut butter, soy drink (tempeh, tofu, soy sauce), eggs, beans, (includes baked beans), nuts, etc.

Why egg and honey concoction didn't cure me from asthma? It is because egg contains protein.

*Above are just based on my experience ;D Please seek medical professionals for more info.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Books for lil hands

Now, I do grocery shopping at 8am. Yeaay! LOL! Why? Simply because I don't want to have to drag the boys along when I do the weekly grocery shopping. One of the many reasons is that we don't want to expose them to bugs. I also like grocery shopping without the boys because when I shop for groceries with the boys, they'll fill up the cart much faster than me. The worst part is that they'll fill it up with sugary snacks. *roll eyes*... There I go again rambling my way from the topic.
Anyway, last week I went to Tesco, I came across a book called Prophets Stories from the Quran and another is a classic Malay stories (16 stories in each book). Each book only costs RM8.99. They also have books in Bahasa Malaysia. I was so happy to see those books. It's short and easy to understand. I have been looking around for books like these. My boys also like 'Goodnight Stories from the Quran' I bought at Popular book store RM75.

The 'Classic Malay stories' book is also interesting. Short and simple stories about Parameswara, Tuk Gajah, Hang Tuah, Mahsuri, Sultan Alauddin Shah, etc.

The hidden danger in hand sanitizer

I carry 2 bottles of hand sanitizers in my bag and use it frequently when I'm out with my boys. 2 years ago I came across an article about the danger in hand sanitizer. What most people don't know is that, hand sanitizer contains 60% to 90% of alcohol. That's why it's effective at killing germs. We must keep it out of children's reach. I used to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in my son's school bag so that he could use them at his preschool. I didn't know the danger behind it. Phew! Glad nothing happened.
Now with H1N1 scare, hand sanitizers are flying off the shelves in the supermarkets. Parents please keep those bottles away and only use them with an adult supervision. Just make sure they don't lick or put their fingers in their mouth immediately after using hand sanitizer. Of course, water and soap is the best way to clean dirty hands ;)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Take away

Earlier today I went to The Curve to buy dinner at 7pm. My hubby waited in the car with the boys. I went down alone *speed walking*. I bought dinner at Kenny Rogers Roasters and roast beef Subway sandwich for myself. Yums! I don't know why lately I have been craving for Subway sandwiches. NO...I'm not pregnant. Don't give me that look. I AM NOT!! I'm just a seasonal eater...I have a seasonal appetite towards a certain kind of food. Sometimes I ate too much of it I won't touch that food and if I do, I'd vomit. Last year my SIL Nina, introduced me to Big Apples donuts. It was so yummy...I wanted it every single day. I'd buy them in boxes. Sometimes a dozen and sometimes even more. I ate it greedily at home. A few months down the road I got bored. I can't even stand the smell of donuts. Even J.Co donuts made me feel the same way. I don't mind Dunkin's strawberry filled or just plain sugar raised donuts.

Okay that's enough...I'm not going to talk about my crazy eating appetite that comes and goes. LOL! But wow! The Curve was so crowded today. Pffft! Glad we didn't drag the boys along to the mall. I had a quick glance at the flea market...I knew I better not stop there. Once I stop I'll end up going from one stall to another. *grin* Instead while waiting for the take away, I went to BMG fruit store and bought cherries. I love the cherries over's big, juicy and not too sour. It's not red but purple in colour. When you eat fruits and vegetables just make sure it's colourful. Take a look at this colour wheel of fruits and vegetables.

I miss the drive through Mcdonalds in Mutiara D'sara. It was so convenient. Especially after fetching my son from school, we'd grab a quick lunch on our way home. Sigh. BUT..but I feel that it's also a blessing in disguised. Because now, I cook more often :D LOL! It's a healthier choice anyway...right?

Oh I love these mini donuts. FYI, I'm not any anything from promoting this mini donuts. LOL! I just find it rather cute. The machine that they use, makes mini donuts in a jiffy. You have to eat them while they are still hot. I have tried this looong ago at Mydin Subang. But recently I saw the booth (stall) at Tesco Mutiara D'sara while I was parking my car. Hehehe! Got excited for a while there.

I just love spending time with my boys especially, eating out with them. They eat whatever I eat. I'm so lucky they are not picky eaters. Shhhhh! My hubby is quite picky. *chuckle*

Chili Lala/clamps

I don't know what lala is called in English so I'm just going to write lala. Lala is a type of shellfish with shell that clamps and has a prominent zigzaggity design on it's shell (I hope I got this right). I bet you can tell lala apart when you see them. Anyway this is my favourite recipe. I have tried many types of lala recipes but I'm sticking to this because I think that it has more flavour. :D

Okay so we need :-
fresh lala (make sure they are properly washed)
red chili about 5 or 6 without it's seeds (trust me it's not going to be spicy...maybe just a lil).
5 cloves of garlic
ginger of about the size of your thumb (a lil bigger if you have a small fine thumb. LOL!)
salt to taste
1 egg

Okay first blend red chili, garlic and ginger with a lil bit of water. Heat the sauce pan and pour the blended ingredients in and stir. Let it simmer. And add salt to taste. When it's a little thicker add lala and stir. You can add a stalk of lemongrass aka serai/dtakrai for an extra zing. I often cook without lemongrass you can too. Once lala is cooked the shell will turn orange. Then add an egg. Gently stir occasionally to make sure the egg is cooked. Keep cooking until there's less water in the wok. That's all folks!

Let it simmer until it gets a little thicker and add salt to taste.

add fresh lala

when lala is cooked it'll turn orange and the clamps will open

Yup, like this one. Yums!

If it's cooked but still shut don't bother pry opening it

Because it's empty...that's why.
Trash the empty ones because some are filled with just mud. Eeww!

Add an egg and only stir occasionally

Tadaaa! You can eat it with rice or just like that ;D

*Preferably add the egg before you cook the lala

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Learning ABC is FUN!

My son's favourite learning website. Even I think it's interesting too and the best part is that it's FREE. Check out

Healthy grilled chicken breast

This is a very simple and easy to make recipe. So easy you can even do it with your eyes closed. But I wouldn't recommend that. With this recipe you can either grill or BBQ them. ;D

All you need is :-

Skinless chicken breast or thigh fillet
Sweet chili sauce
Soy sauce (you can use sweet soy sauce too)
Italian seasoning (you can also do without the seasoning)
Chopped fresh coriander to garnish (I did without it)
Cooking spray

All you need to do is coat or brush the chicken with sweet chili sauce, sweet soy sauce and sprinkle some Italian seasoning (it's ok if you don't have any Italian seasoning you can either substitute with other herbs or nothing at all)
Heat up the grill and spray a lil amount cooking spray. Once it's hot, grill the chicken on both sides until done. Make sure your chicken breasts are not too thick, so that it can cook all the way. And don't over cook your chicken breasts because it can get a lil dry. I prefer it juicy ;P

Chicken in sweet chili sauce and sweet soy sauce.


All done!

Sorry I don't have a picture of the grilled chicken on a plate because it vanished within a blink of an eye. Hahaha! NO...I lied. I ate them and totally forgotten to take a picture. Make sure you have some crispy salad to eat with that . Yums! You know what? My dear hubby brought home nasi lemak. Hmm! What a combination. But he ate it anyways. LOL!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia

15th August 2009


Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach KL

I'm giving away 2 entry passes for World Stage Live in Malaysia. Since I'll be giving away 2 tickets the question is...

Why should you take this particular friend or sister or brother or partner or girlfriend or boyfriend or spouse or enemy with you to the event?

*person with the most creative/sincere answer will win!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Swine flu aka influenza A (H1N1) aka selsema babi...

Scary reading in the news and knowing how fast these bugs spread. 3 more people have died from it. Including an infant. It's crazy. But seriously, we ALL have to take things seriously. Those who are sick STAY HOME. Not only you will get others sick, but chances of you contracting infectious diseases are there. Please be responsible don't be ignorant!
Would it be easier if people with H1N1 have a prominent physical change? Turning pink perhaps?

(Sapa2 yang ingin tahu berita terkini H1N1 di Malaysia, sila check laman Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia.)

The Don'ts:-
  • Don't press the lift buttons with your fingers. Use your elbow or key instead.
  • Don't go to clubs. Yes, those enclosed dark places isn't good for's only good for viruses, germs and bacteria to spread.
  • Avoid crowded places.
  • Don't rub your eyes, touch your mouth or inside of your nose when you're out.
  • If you're smoking quit that. No point taking vitamin C if you're smoking. I'm sure you know that right??...Al?
The Do's:-
  • Sanitize your hands immediately after touching any public property when you're out.
  • Cover your mouth or nose if you need to sneeze or cough.
  • Take your vitamins, especially C, take cold liver oil. drink sufficient amount of plain water, get some rest whenever you can. (I's just yada yada yada to you righ?)
  • Wash and scrub your hands with soap and water. Remember to ALWAYS wash your hands.
  • Wear a surgical mask when you're sick or out in a crowded area. It's ok if it's not N95. N95 masks are for those who are in close contact with H1n1 patients. N95 is thicker and it's better but any surgical masks (that fits) will do rather than nothing at all. Because the influenza virus is transmitted in droplets of water, rather than through the air, placing a protective barrier over your face can block its entry into your mouth or nose. Change it every 8 hours or if it's damp. Don't touch the outer surface of your mask. Trash it when you get home and wash your hands. Keep used masks away from kids.
  • Avoid close contact with people. I know it's Megasale right now and everyone's out shopping but keep in mind...swine flu is out there too and you can't tell who's carrying it. Unless they start oinking.
If you don't know, the symptoms are :-
  • Sore throat
  • Fever (usually high)
  • Flu like sickness
  • Cough
  • Body aches
  • Headache
  • Vomiting and diarrhea (in some adults)
Then's just like the common flu right? Don't think twice..just get proper medical help if you have any of these symptoms okay.

I'd like to share with my fellow Muslims. This is a protection do'a (got it from my dear cousin) against H1N1 and other diseases too :-

Read it after prayers for 7 times or 21 times or 40 times. Read it whenever you can. (Not required to raise your hands)

Let us all pray! Amin.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Malacca 2007

Hehehe! I'd like to share with you our 'cuti-cuti Malaysia' trip to Malacca or should I say Melaka. It's one of my favourite state. It's near, it's rich in history and culture, lots of places to go for sightseeing, variety of cuisine, plenty of fun places for kids and beach (depending on the location). It's an all in one vacation I must say *grin*

I've been to Melaka countless times but this time, it was a 'rombongan cik kiah'. So kecoh I tell you! Obviously not just my family alone, but with my sisters' as well.

View from our hotel balcony at dawn..

Rayn's first beach experience. He was a year old.

my boys and I. Can hardly take a decent pic of my eldest.
He's always clowning around.

Boys with their daddy

don't expect to see a clear blue sea here's after all Straits of Malacca.

We went to A'Famosa Resort. There are so many things to do in A'Famosa Resort. We didn't stay here but we enjoyed the place so much. We didn't go to their theme park..but we went to the Animal World Safari instead. We really enjoyed ourselves there...especially the cowboy show. That was really something!!

Monyets...ahem! on our way to Monkey Island.

nak naik gajah? boleh..janji gajah tak naik angin. HAHAHA!

waiting for the 'Wild Wild West show' (actually I can't remember the name of the show)

best lah the show...rugi tak tengok!

dinner at a food court in Melaka.

like a tourist in my own country...*grin*

He's up to no good.

Eddy told us that he'll take good care of a pet like this if we get him one.
I told him "let's start by taking care of yourself first, shall we?" ;P

Us on a pwetty trishaw. Berbunga-bunga gitu. Di hati ada taman.

There are so many more things to do and see in Melaka but we were short of time. Besides it wasn't easy going from one place to another with lil kids in tow. I'd love to visit Mini Malaysia. Will do that the next time we go down to Melaka. Perhaps when they are a little older.

Oh! look what we have here...all 4 sisters in a row.
Shhhh! That's me...the smallest and also the cutest of the lot. LOL!
From the top and clock wise, my mom, Shelly, Susan, Eyna (yes, 'it's' a girl) and myself in Melaka back in the 70's.
WOW! My mom looked so slim and tall. It must be the 4"stilettos. :D

Monday, August 3, 2009


Date: 5th August, 2009 (Wednesday)

Time: 9.30pm

Venue: Cathay Cineplex Damansara (Mutiara Damansara)

I'm giving away 2 tickets. To win the 2 tickets, you have to tell me why you should get the 2 tickets. ;) Simple right? Don't call or sms me just write below.

Thank you and good luck!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Curry fried chicken

Today I made curry fried chicken for dinner. I don't usually like fried stuff and I'm not into curry either but this dish is delish ;P So I'm going to share with you a recipe I got from my mom. She's a great cook!

Ingredients :-
Some galangal roots (lengkuas in bahasa) maybe a lil longer than your thumb
some ginger (about same amount as galangal)
about 3 shallots (better with onion but I ran out of it)
some curry powder
some chicken
add salt to taste
curry leaves
cooking oil (obviously since it's fried chicken) The oil amount is totally up to you but just make sure it's enough to fry.

Shallots, ginger and galangal roots

You can't go wrong with the ingredients above. If you want more crumbs than add a lil more herbs.

Now, blend galangal roots, ginger and shallots. Smother chicken with the blended ingredients. And then, add salt and curry powder and rub it all over the chicken...mmmmm! Give it a good massage. LOL!

Fresh chicken parts

the inside view of my ordinary blender

curry powder on marinated chicken *poof*

Heat up the wok/kuali whatever you want to cook your chicken in. Now, stir the chicken over low fire without oil. Just flip the chicken and stir for about 5 to 10 minutes. Doesn't have to really cook the chicken.

And then, remove the chicken from the wok and add cooking oil to the wok. Once the oil is hot enough, put the chicken in again and fry (like how you normally fry stuff). Once the chicken are all cooked, remove them from the wok and add the curry leaves and continue frying. You'll find crumbs here and there and at base of the wok...scoop those up with the curry leaves and drain from oil. Use serviettes, kitchen paper towels, to place the chicken you can see here, I'm using a doily because I ran out of kitchen paper towels. Doilies are pretty but they don't absorb oil as much.

Mmmm...crispy curry leaves and crumbs...yum!

It's very simple to make. :D good luck!!