Saturday, October 10, 2009

Times tables

My son will be 8 next year and he'll have to know his times tables by heart:{ Anyways, I find this method rather good :}. I mean, he'll still have to learn his times tables by heart but as for 6 through 9 times tables he can use this method. Yeay!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I love Sci-Fi movies

surrogates poster Bruce Willis by MyCine.

Last night I went to watch Surrogates at Cineleisure with my hubby sans the boys. But we weren't on a single date but a double date together with my sister and her date. About the show, I think it's a cool show. I've always love Sci-Fi movies. Watching this show, makes me want to have a unit myself. LOL! The movie is about the future where people are not safe to go out on their own. So they have surrogates to go out and do their daily activities like work, buy groceries, buy food, go clubbing, attend meeting, etc. Just like the way we live now only they use these units called surrogates to do it for them. It's kinda funny actually. Everyone in the street looks perfect. All are fit, tall, good looking. LOL! That's because they are not humans..they are robots. People only stay at home and control their unit from home and if something bad happens to their unit they are safe at home. I know it's merepek kan? But interesting...I think it's entertaining :)
I give it a 'B' :)

Anyway, just before the show, we were at The Curve. We were walking about looking for a place to have dinner. As we were talking, we bumped into Eddy's ex-school mate's parents. Liza and Apek (hubby). I thought it was going to be short hi hello...but then we sat and chat and chat...I totally forgotten to have dinner. LOL! Tak rasa lapar pulak..sebuk bersembang lah nak katakan. But we both had fun. It's been a while since the last time we met them. They are such a cute and sweet couple. Both are sanguines (I think). But we had fun :)

Earlier that same day, I went to One Utama with my boys. Had steamboat for lunch. Then Susan (my sister) came to join us there. We did some shopping together. I must say that it was my perfect day and night!

++I wish to have more perfect days :D++