Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's about ME ME ME!


I miss my babies but I guess I'm done with waking up in the middle of the night, nappy changing, feeding, pushing stroller, attending to a wailing baby, etc. As much as I miss my boys when they were babies I think a small chunk of it..I miss myself. Yes..myself. I quit my job when I was 2 months pregnant to my first. I turned into a baby making machine (well..not actually..just 2). I have spend the last 8 years attending to my off-spring/s. Not that I don't like it...I LOVE being a mom and I love raising my boys. But for the past 8 years..I have been a mommy 24/7 and everything else without maid. If only kids comes with an OFF and ON button. LOL! When they are asleep they sort of 'shutdown' for a couple of hours before getting back into perpetual motion.

When Eddy was a baby up to 2 years old..we were staying with my parents in law. They did have a maid who look after Eddy whenever she's free (in between cooking and cleaning up the house) but I'm always around. I have left Eddy and sometimes both my boys with my mil (mother in law) whenever I needed to buy something...but every time I do that, I feel guilty...I feel that it's my obligation as a mother to mind my children. I could never go out with a clear mind.
At the same time, I don't wish to have a maid either. Well, it's my choice...I don't believe in having a maid.

Anyway, Eddy will be 8 and Rayn will be 5. Rayn just started schooling this year. Alhamdulilah he loves his school and teacher..yeeeaaayyy!!
Both my boys goes to school together in the morning. After dropping them off I'm FREE until noon.*grin* Thee hee hee! You know feels great!! That few hours of ME time every weekday is awesome. I think every sahm (stay-at-home mom) should have some time away from their kids. I don't feel guilty leaving them at school because school is a place they learn, make friends and have some fun.

So it's a win-win scenario...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rayn can write :D

I'm very happy that Rayn can write now (after 2 weeks of school). He's 4 years old. Thanks to his teachers :). You know, I have tried teaching him to write, but he never could actually write. He would doodle circles, X and lines. But now he's able to write his name. *grin*

To make learning alphabets interesting, I let him explore writing alphabets with crayons, colour pencils, pen, markers, paint brushes as well as making alphabets with clay.
Rayn made alphabets with powder clay. Not bad :) The best part is that when it hardens we are able to paint it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rambling of the day...


I went up the hill and down the hill and round the lake.

After sending my boys off to school, I went to a park nearby. It's a really beautiful serene, clean and refreshing. It has a huge man-made lake in the middle of the park with fountain in the middle of the lake. We went there a couple of years ago to release my son's soft shelled tortoise (can't remember it's breed/kind it was).

I hope I can make it a routine. I plan to run/power walk everyday. I love the clean air and people are not bothered to stare or even look at each other. I did my power walk with mp3 blasting in my ears. It's kinda funny looking at some people at the park. I saw a lady doing something like sun salutation in yoga only she was really fast. As I walked a lil further, I passed by an elderly couple doing their 'speed walking' but I overtook them effortlessly. I saw a tall man running towards me on the opposite direction. I moved a side to make way, as he passed I could smell his strong perfume..I think he smothered himself with it. After that I saw a lady near the lake..she was hitting her body all over with her fist (??) Don't be mean to yourself. Try kicking yourself in the butt instead. LOL! Just kidding. Next time, maybe I should stop and ask her if she needs any help. Keh keh keh!

Anyway, today I went up the hill. I remembered going up that same hill with my sister while pushing my youngest son's stroller. I couldn't go up. I went up half way and I was extremely exhausted...I thought my knee caps were coming off. I'm not joking. I also had to stop and use my inhaler. But today, I did it!! I DID IT!! *jumping up and down+grinning* As I was walking down the hill towards my car, I could feel my heart thumping so hard but I had a smile of victory on my face. I feel that I can do almost anything. As I was running (slowly) I look up at the sky, the lake and the people around me...Alhamdulilah! Feels great to be alive :D

When I was little, my pediatrician told me that I should avoid getting into vigorous activities because it'll trigger my asthma. My parents was afraid that I might get an attack therefore I wasn't allowed to be active. And also due to my asthmatic background, have been in and out of the hospital with IV lines and oxygen mask/tube, sometimes a few times in a single year, since I was 6. I'm sick and tired of being weak. I remembered going up the steps in Batu Caves, I wheezed and turned blue. Today, I'm a mother of 2 and healthy (again..syukur alhamdulilah) and I feel free. Well, I still have asthma but I'm not gonna let it get me. If I die least I know I CAN do it...I have done it and I will do it again. So Yeeeaayy to a healthier life :D!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Now that both my boys are at school, I have a few hours of free time everyday. I decided that having an online boutique would be the best option. I spend most of my time online anyways. Thee hee hee!

My boutique is called MILF. Do you know what it stands for? No...its not what you're thinking. Hahaha! It's Mother In Line of Fashion. MILF is an auction boutique.
Each week there will be new items that will be out for bid. Starts every Monday and ends on Friday.
If you like and you wish to buy right away, you can buy it at the 'buy now' price...or else just bid and wait. The price might be more or it might be less.

So check it out!

Join MILF Facebook'll be easier for us to update you :D

Thank You!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's 2010!!

Happy New Year!!

First of all I'd like to say...HAPPY NEW YEAAAAR!! I can't believe that it's 2010 already. Time really flies. You know, I thought by 2010 I'd be seeing flying cars, hover boards, hologram projector as a communication tool in every house. LOL! Well, I have seen changes in the technology but we're not THAT advanced yet. But we have mobile phones, digital camera, cordless video games like wii, 3G technology, cordless computers (laptop), internet, solar cars, cable/satellite tv, etc.
I can't imagine living the way it was, years ago without mobile phone, internet and satellite tv.

Do you remember using those big bulky dial-up phones? It took ages to call a person because each time you dial a number that thingy will have to go around that thingy and it would take a few seconds each dial. hehehe
I still remember buying my first mobile phone. Bough it with my own hard earned money. It was a Motorola and I bought it at RM199. I thought it was WAS slim for a mobile phone back in those days. LOL! It's about the size of our Astro remote. Don't laugh!!

Let's fast forward...when I was in college, photography was my minor subject. I had an SLR film camera. I hated photography. I spend so much money processing the film and I was disappointed with the results. It was really hard. Shortly after I graduated, digital camera was out in the market. and boy, do I LOVE photography... LOL!
When I was working (back in 2001), I tested Fuji 101. It was an affordable digital camera. They were targeting school and college kids. I designed a full page poster for newpaper print.

I plan to go on a holiday and do nothing but appreciate the basic things in life. No mobile phone, no surfing, no video games, etc. Maybe..I'll survive a day or 2. LOL!