Sunday, June 20, 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

Trip to Penang!

DSC00038.jpg picture by Alefa
My childhood idol MJ :)

We were in Penang recently but we didn't actually explore Penang. We didn't try the famous Nasi Kandar line clear, rojak pasembor, etc. Hehehe! I guess we're not that adventurous... *hangs head in shame* Both hubby and I don't eat kuih-kuih (except karipap and buah melaka). Heard that the best part about Penang is their food. LOL!

We stayed in Hard Rock Hotel (HRH). could have been better, front office could have been more organized and housekeeping should have been more thorough :) Overall, I think HRH is just a-okay. No big deal! I wonder what's the big deal and hype about Hard Rock Penang (??)...did I miss anything? Oh yes, we didn't stay in Hard Rock Cafe after 10.30pm because kids aren't allowed after that time.

Hard Rock Cafe's food was better than HRH's food. Breakfast buffet in HRH was just okay.

poppy seed bun wasn't as soft as I expected it to be

My boys enjoyed the pool. The pool was has 3 slides and water spraying thingy which unfortunately wasn't working when we were there :{
I kinda like the drop-your-kids-off concept. There's a place called Lil' Rock for kids from 4 to 12yrs old. You can leave your kids there from 10.30am to 9pm. Kids will have their own activities there. Kids will be under their care and parents can have a "whoohoo". Sorry, I mean parents can do adults stuff together. *wink*

Oh! The Ship restaurant was good! *thumbs up* Service and food presentation. It's tasty too!

We didn't do much on the first day. My eldest son was constantly coughing when he arrived Penang. He's asthmatic. What worries me was that he was still coughing even after using his inhaler. So we took him to Adventist Hospital and met Dr Pong. He was Dr Azizi's student. Dr Azizi is my sons' pediatrician. He's really good. Anyway, I was relieved when he told me that Dr.Azizi was his professor. :) True enough, my son got a lot better and I allowed him to swim and boy we enjoyed our trip! :)

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My lil' rock stars.