Monday, July 12, 2010

How to perform wuduk for kids :D

I'm teaching my eldest son (8 yr old) to take wuduk before praying and before using the electronic Quran.
I also told him to take wuduk when he's in a bad mood or feeling angry. LOL! It helps to cool him down anyways :)

He performs wuduk by following what I wrote on a piece of paper which I pasted in the toilet next to the sink. Last night that paper got wet, so I decided to take it down. I googled but couldn't find a kid-friendly one. So I decided to make a nice step by step chart with cartoon pictures on it. I got these pictures when I 'print screen' from a video on youtube and do the rest in Ai. Since I've printed one for my sons, I thought I'd share this with other Muslim parents as well. :)