Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chicken Parmigiana =D

Let's eat!

The first time I tried chicken parmigiana, it was love at first bite. Well, actually my cousin introduced me to it. She brought it at one of our family potluck party. It was Yummilicious! So I asked her for the recipe.

If you're making this for breaking fast then you should start making it earlier say about 5pm. Most people I know would rather have rice with other dishes for iftar (breaking fast) than having something like this one. Hahaha! I don't fancy rice that much.

Okay so here are the ingredients :-

Chicken fillet (make it thin by bashing it or slice it thin abt 1cm thick) but I like mine thicker.
1 egg beaten with some milk (low fat if you like)
bread crumbs (blend about 3 slices of bread, whole wheat bread if you like)
mozzarella cheese (you can substitute with light mozzarella)
a packet of parmesan cheese
1 medium or large jar of pasta sauce ()
1 fresh tomato (if you like)
some dried oregano leaves if you like
some grinded pepper

From Anything
Dip chicken in egg mix and then dredge them in breadcrumbs and straight onto pan over medium fire until brown. It doesn't have to be 100% cooked. As long as it's brown on both sides.

From Anything
Pour a thin layer of pasta sauce at the base of your casserole and then place the semi cooked chicken over it. Layer it with parmesan cheese and mozzarella cheese ....

From Anything
...and repeat the layers. I only did 2 layers here.

From Anything
The last layer, I layered with sliced fresh can sprinkle dried oregano leaves and grinded pepper for added Italian taste :)

Bake it in the oven at 180C for about 35 to 40 mins. That's all! :D

From Anything
above are some of the ingredients I use to make this. Medium size pasta sauce is enough for 2 layers in 6x6 casserole.

Buon Appetito!

thicker chicken breasts 

2nd layer

all done! 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Let's get personal :P

Here's a personality test/quiz which I stumbled upon while surfing. It's a story kind and find it very interesting..I don't know how true, but I took it for fun. So grab a piece of paper and a pen coz you're about to start...try it :)
Answers are at the bottom. Post it under comments IF you wanna share it with me. Do not peek at the answers until you're done with the quiz ya'll :D


  1. You are walking through a forest; describe it.

  2. Through this forest is a path; describe it.

  3. Along the path you come upon a key; what does it look like; what condition is it in?
    Do you pick it up?

  4. Farther along the path you find a cup; what does it look like; what is it made of; what condition is it in?
    Do you pick it up?

  5. As you continue walking, you come to an obstacle; describe it.
    What do you do? If you go around it or past it, then how?

  6. Next you happen upon a body of water; describe it.
    Do you get in it? How fast is it flowing?

  7. As you walk along, you come to a shelter of some sort; what does it look like?
    Do you spend the night?

  8. Finally, you're walking along when you reach a fence; what does this fence look like; what is it made of; what condition is it in?
    Beyond the fence is a field; describe that.
    Do you go over the fence into the field?       

    My Answers :)
     1. Not a scary one of course. Maybe like the forest in LOTR. Where the Elven lives. Hehehe!
    2. The path is wide and I can see straight ahead.
    3. The key is bronze, big and pretty old. I'd pick it up and put it in my pocket. Who knows, I might need to use it. :P
    4. The cup is ceramic. The Mad Hatter type of cup. It's not brand new nor it's antique. It's just different. Yes, I'd pick it up and take a look at it.
    5. The obstacle is a fallen tree that fell across my path. I'd just go over it and continue walking. 
    6. Not a wide river. Not too rough but just nice, more like a stream. I'd probably just hang around and dip my tired feet. After all I've been walking since the beginning of this quiz. LOL!
    7. It's an English country sort of house. Clean and newly painted. No, I don't think I'd sleep there. 
    8. The fence would be thick wooden kind. Like those horse fence. Not too tall but solid and sturdy. Yes, I'd climb over the fence and walk into the field. The field is just short green grass no animals just greenery and hills further up.


    1. The forest represents your outlook on life; how you feel (overall) about life.

    2. The path represents your plan in life, and is generally more current; i.e. how your life is being lived, or how you see it going.

    3. The key represents knowledge.
      If you pick it up, then education is important to you.

    4. The cup represents your view of love. Was it broken or fragile? Was it solid and complete, pretty, clean or covered with dirt?

    5. The obstacle represents the challenges in your life; how you normally handle them or deal with them.

    6. The water represents sex.
      If you get in it, this means that you basically feel good about it. If not, perhaps you avoid it, or it's not particularly important to you, or enjoyable.  The speed represents your sex drive.

    7. The shelter is your view of home life.
      Again, if you spend the night, it's likely you feel comfortable about your present home situation.

    8. The fence represents religion. Does it have hard lines, or broken ones? Is it imposing, or easy to jump over?
      The field represents your view of heaven. Is it pleasant, or threatening?
      Do you go over the fence and into the field? If so, you're probably not afraid of death.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Tioman Island

From Tioman June 2011

We went to Tioman last June school holiday (2011). The sea was clear but not blue. It was emerald turquoise. 

From Tioman June 2011
This is an aerial view I took as we were about to land...breathtaking. 

Taken during sunset... silhouette of Renggis Island. Yes that tiny island.

From Tioman June 2011
And this is Renggis Island during the day. It's made of big ass rocks boulders. You can't walk around that island. When we bought our vacation package they told us that we'll get a boat ride to Renggis Island and we can snorkel at Renggis Island. I thought it would be cool and I cannot wait to just chill on Renggis beach. But when we got there, I was surprised to see Renggis Island. I was a lil disappointed. I should have done my research, like I usually do. Anyways, we hired glass-bottom boat because Rayn refused to get in the water. He feared Megalodon (a prehistoric shark) would eat up his whole family. Megalodon means big tooth if I'm not mistaken. They (archeologist) discovered big tooth and that was how they came to know Megalodon. 
So anyways, if you snorkel or dive around that island you can see beautiful fishes, huge coral reefs (when I say huge, I really mean HUGE I had goosebumps just looking at it) and friendly turtles swimming around it. Such an amazing underwater world :D Subhanallah!

Renggis Island up close 

Feeding frenzy. Get in line please...there's more where that stale bread came from. Fyi, the bread/bun was provided by our boat driver. It was probably from yesterday's buffet spread. Cheapo!

From Tioman June 2011
We stayed at Berjaya Tioman Resort. This is the Jr Suite which we paid extra few hundred bucks a night because the chalet that came with our package was ridiculously far from the beach, lobby, restaurant, etc. If I were to rate this hotel from 1 to 10. I'd give it a 3. Firstly, the food sucks (accept the Chinese restaurant near the lobby), secondly the drinks are expensive (sodas and food), thirdly the receptionist/front office aren't attentive and lastly it's not value for money. When I say it isn't value for money I mean, we don't get our money's worth. For instance, the toilet paper roll from our so called"Junior Suite" was some cheap thin tissue that crumbles into tiny pieces if you grab it with wet hands. Luckily, we don't use it to wipe our butts. And the bed, it wasn't as comfy as I thought it would be. I also suffered from a few tiny insect bites. Could it be bed bugs? *shudder* On the last day, I went for breakfast with my sons leaving my hubby in the room alone. He told me, he whacked a 2" cockroach in the toilet. *faints* So, if you ask me would I visit Berjaya Tioman again? My answer would be...toooot..toooooot *swearing*.

I wouldn't mind visiting Tioman again, but I would definitely stay at another hotel :D

Pills remover

Sweater pills remover aka fuzz a snap! 

My woolly jacket before 

and..after :). Muahahaha! It works like a miracle. 

Never would I thought this tiny gadget would save my time and energy. I've this Naf Naf woolly 1/2 cardigan I bought yeaaaars ago and been wanting to wear it again but I'm just too lazy to snip those fuzz because there were too many of it. 

So anyways, I was out today, killing time with Rayn at The Curve while waiting for Eddy to be done with his Chess Club at school. I wasn't in the mood to drive back home and then drive back out to fetch him at school, so might as well I just loiter walk around aimlessly at The Curve.

There's a shop called Daiso, in The Curve. Everything in the shop is only RM5. What? Seriously? Yes, you heard me right, dear. It's from Japan. It's pretty popular now and it's outlets are popping up like mushrooms. 
Since I was already there, I decided to just browse through their products. I've bought pretty cool stuff there before. So lucky me, I came across this pills remover. The shop assistant convinced me that it's a tiny vacuum cleaner. I told her no, it's a fuzz remover. LOL!
Anyways, I decided to just buy it and see what it really is. I mean like, what can go wrong right? It's only 5 bucks. yeah I was right as always. I love it! I finally manage to remove all those tiny fuzz on that cardigan and it looks brand new. Well, almost :P

So if you happen to see Daiso in a mall, just drop by. You'll never know what you might find in there :D

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Growing pains...

From Raising boys

Laughter, cries, tantrums, quarrels, giggles and fights are part and parcel when it comes to raising children. It takes a lot of patience, we just have to brace ourselves and go through it. Whoever who said it's only difficult when they are small and it gets easier when they are older are so wrong. So wrong!

As a stay-at-home mom (sahm) I've gone through countless of roller coaster rides when it comes to raising my boys. Don't get me wrong. I love them both to bits. Syukur Alhamdulillah, I'm so grateful for having them in my life. But there are times when I'm being tested again and again. My patience are running thin. I can only pray and keep guiding them both with lots of patience. I also pray that things will get better between me and my firstborn.

I'm feeling the strain between myself and my eldest son (Eddy) who is 9 and going through the "tween age". I know it's just a phase that he's is going through but I find it hard to see things from his point of view. At times we don't see eye to eye. I have scolded him for talking back at me. We have argued. He can be so hard headed (so am I). If this goes on, I'm afraid he might resend me one day ;(. I know he's at the age of finding his own identity (and is still looking). He's not a little boy nor a teenager. But too young for bigger things. Am I blowing things out of proportion? I just want us to be happy. Instead it's 30% happy and 70% upset. 
I've tried talking to him. And I thought we have sorted things out but somehow we keep going back to where we left off. Like a roundabout, we are going in circles. *sigh* Funny thing is, his relationship with his daddy and lil bro is not affected. It's just us.

Sometimes, I wonder how things would be like if he had his twin brother. Would he be the way he is now? Or worst? or nicer? These questions will always be a question...

Eddy's doing well at school. Scoring A's and he can read Quran a lot smoother and clearer now. I'm very happy with that, Alhamdulillah. I will keep guiding him. He is a very obedient child and has always been. He's not a rule breaker, unlike his lil bro Rayn, who breaks all the rules nonchalantly without fail. LOL!

Between my youngest and I, it's like a long smooth rope, without any knots in it. Again, syukur I'm very happy for that. I hope I won't go through tough times with him. We are so compatible.

When I reflect upon myself, I'm ashamed to admit but I was just like Eddy when I was little. I was rude to my mom too. I've raised my voice and talked back. My father would scold me for acting the way I did. I got angry when I couldn't get what I want. So I guess this is my karma. *hangs head in shame* But aren't like me, my mom have lots of patience. She's one special lady. 

I hope and pray that things will fall into place one day...

Friday, August 5, 2011

My diet before Ramadhan

Recently I noticed that I've gained so much after vacationing. Especially the belly, thigh and hip area. I immediately told myself that something needs to be done, right NOW!
I kinda blame the yummy hotel buffet and roomservice (food just a call away) for this. LOL! There's a Malay saying "Kerana mulut badan binasa"...or something like that.

So after our last vacay, I started hitting the gym again, dieting aka eating healthily (diet doesn't mean not eating). Below is my daily menu, of course it's not as boring as it seems, because I keep changing my menu. This is just a sample of what I'd usually have.

an orange
whole wheat bread
1 mug of Milo
scramble eggs (egg whites only)

a cup of yogurt
an orange

an apple
cereals (Nestle Fitness)
low fat milk
freshly cut carrot sticks

1 glass of low fat milk

dinner: (before 8pm)
whole wheat bread
chunky tuna (without mayo)
with cucumber

a slice of fruit
low fat milk

*Drink 7 to 8 glasses of water a day.
*Keep your calories below 1500/day and you'll see results.
*Of course exercise at least 20mins a day (but I do 30mins to an hour). Don't push yourself if you're new at this. It's all about consistency. You'll feel good sooner than you expected :)

My results: :)

From weighing scale
June 2011

From weighing scale
July 2011

From weighing scale
August 2011

Yes, I'm happy with the result but it took longer than I expected. I guess it's the age :O
Anyways, I don't wish to lose anymore weight (before I disappear into thin air) so I'm just maintaining at 42kg at least. Now, I'm eating chocolates, a scoop of rice (white), coke but I don't take it as often as I used to. :)

Anyone can lose weight if they can be strict with their diet. It's about discipline. But when you do, you'll see results and feel good about it. :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Battle of the bulge

Workout is FUN! Yes, FUN! This is one of the best stomach workout that I like. This workout has a  good combination. Get yourself to workout everyday (at least 40mins after meal), set aside at least 20 to 30 mins a day for a healthier and stronger you :) Of course, there's no such thing as spot reduction workout. SO make sure you work your every muscle. Have fun!

p/s: Don't forget to drink lots of water 7 to 8 glasses a day. If you're working out, make sure you've isotonic drink (with potassium and vitamins).