Tuesday, December 20, 2011

3rd day after circumcision and jalan2

Today we went for Rayn's follow-up with Dr Razak in the morning. He said that everything is looking fine...Alhamdulillah. But it still looks painful to me.
Dr Razak said newborn is the best age to be circumcised. I won't have the heart to get it done at that age.
As we were leaving the clinic, a boy (taller than me) entered the clinic with his parents. He's probably around 13 or 14 and just circumcised. Lolz! I think 9 and below is still the best age.

On our way home we drop by One Utama. Rayn didn't want to walk much. He hates it when the styrofoam cup in his pants move when he walks. So I rented a 'trolly car'.
Yesterday, I heard from my sister that Garrett in One Utama is now open. We walked there happily. When we got there, we were disappointed that it was still closed. Maybe yesterday was it's soft-launch.

I bought candies for my boys instead :) We've been to Candylicious in Sentosa. Their outlet in Sentosa is huge and so cool as compared to the one in OU. But the products are the same :D

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hong Kong...again :D

We were in Hong Kong a week ago. The weather was pretty nice and cool on the day we arrived but it got a lot cooler and windier on our 3rd day there. So glad I was prepared for it. Hehe! I bought gloves, a ski cap, ear muffs for my boys before we left for HK. The last time we went to Hong Kong was back in 2009. The weather in (early) March was just nice. We wore short sleeve, long sleeve t-shirt during the day and light jacket at night.

We went to Hong Kong via AirAsia. I booked our Hot Seats early and got the 1st row to-and-fro. Yeay! Extra legroom is so nice. We board first and exit first :P It wasn't expensive, it was only 30/person one way. So we paid a total of only 240 for the Hot Seats (excluding airport tax, fees, etc). I think it's really worth it if you can get the 1st row. You won't have to worry about someone infront lowering their seat too far behind. :P

1) If you're planning to visit Hong Kong, make sure you go when the weather is cool. Because you'll be doing lots of walking and it's only bearable when it's cooler. Well, to me it is.
2) Don't go there during long school holidays. Hong Kong is already crowded (tourist destination) and going there during the holidays makes it worst. Yup! Avoid Chinese New Year and Christmas, New Year holidays. The best is to go there during the low season. Not only it's less crowded but cheaper accommodation. So go after CNY when it's still cold but not holidays. Also make sure you check Hong Kong's weather forecast. You wouldn't want to go there when it typhoon season.
Check out Agoda for the best hotel deals :P

The last time we were in HK, it was our first trip there. I booked our package from Harpers travel. We paid about RM3500 for the ground package (family of 4). But this time around, I felt pretty confident and booked the hotels separately. So cool! So proud of myself. I had it planned from day 1 to the last day. We had a blast in Hong Kong. At least we don't really feel like a bunch of tourist but carrying nikon around my neck is very 'tourisity'. LOL!

At Hong Kong International Airport  :)

The last time it wasn't this easy. We had to push stroller, luggage, carry diaper bag, handbag, etc. Now, I only carry my nikon and handbag. *grin* Anyways, the moment we arrived at the airport, we got into a cab, straight to Royal Plaza hotel, check in, leave our luggage in the room and out again. Our hotel provides shuttle service to Tsim Sha Tsui. Very convenient :P 

3) AirAsia have the best price. Just keep checking from time to time. If you're not too sure about your way around there in HK, you can always get a ground package either from AirAsia or wait for Matta Fair for the best deal. 
4) Before you go to HK, make sure you plan your trip well. Study the MTR routes and find out which MTR ticket to purchase. Check out MTR. Certain locations can be crowded during office hours. So if you've kids, don't take MTR before and after office hours. Some say in the morning and around 4pm to 9pm. It depends on the route you're taking. So make sure you do your homework first before going there. I don't mind getting in a crowded MTR if I was alone but not when I've kids with me.
5) Stay in a hotel that's near an MTR station or a hotel that provides shuttle service to a tourist destination. 

MTR from Tsim Sha Tsui to Central
and the adventure begins...

crossing Victoria Harbour. 
I tried hard not to think about the MTR tunnel that connects underwater. 
Pretty scary. LOL!

You won't have any problem traveling in Hong Kong. It's very well connected via MTR or you can also get a cab. But of course, faster and cheaper would be by MTR. Cab is a bit more expensive. Our cab fare from airport to Royal Plaza hotel in Mongkok was about HKD300. From Royal Plaza to HK Disneyland was about HKD260 and from Disneyland to airport is cheaper because Disneyland is near the airport on Lantau Island. :)
The currency conversion at that time was about RM40=HKD100. 
My friends who has been to HK recommended the Octopus MTR ticket but we took the Tourist ticket instead because we only spend 1 day in the HK city and the next day we left for Disneyland Resort to spend our next 3 days. 

I studied the map and knew exactly where to go the moment we alight at Central station :P
I was actually a lil bit blur tired because I didn't sleep the whole night, I didn't even nap during the day before the trip because I was busy packing. LOL! Our flight was at 6'ish in the morning and I was afraid if everyone sleeps, we might miss our flight. That's my biggest nightmare. So I stayed awake because we had to leave our house by 3am. It takes 45mins to get to LCCT. Pfft! I felt so sleepy on flight, I napped for 2 hrs and woke up fresh :) The moment we touchdown, it was busy all the way. 

at the peak station. looking at the cable mechanics. 

going UP. 
We took the Peak Tram (two way)+Madame Tussauds+Terrace View package 
and paid about HKD600 for all 4 of us.

the peak's rooftop terrace. About 1300ft above sea level. 

my boys :)

@Madame Tussauds

working like a pro. LOL!

how did you do that?

to be or not to be...now, write it down

almost there (:



makan dulu

(3 days in Disneyland resort.)
Watching Christmas illumination by Santa Mickey and Santarina Minnie

mommy's boyz

Sleeping Beauty castle


spectacular sight :)

It was pretty cold that night 13°C

Eating is quite a problem for Muslims. I'm not that particular about having a little bit of alcohol content in my dish. I've never heard of anyone getting drunk from eating before. LOL! But I'm very particular about the meat. All non-halal restaurants have Mr.Porky in their menu (even their pepperoni is pork). It wasn't the kind of vacation where you can eat eat eat. Unless you're not a muslim then everything goes. 
I printed out a list of Halal restaurants in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, in Disneyland there isn't any halal restaurant. We stayed there for 3 days. We were pretty miserable when it comes to eating. *smirk*
(UPDATED) Now there are Halal restaurants/meals in Hong Kong Disneyland resort. I don't know where it is exactly but it's available. You just have to ask around.

On the last day we explored the Disneyland resort. The area in Disneyland is beautiful, serene and quiet. It was lovely. It's only crowded in the Disneyland theme park. 
The pic above is taken at our hotel (Hollywood Hotel)

you can run and play yet don't shed a sweat

we walked from our hotel to another hotel

This hotel is grand-er (a lil bit more expensive too). It's Victorian style. 
I think older people might like it. It's beautiful but it's not my cup of tea.

Peek-a-boo...now I see you!

Leaving Hong Kong :( There's always an end to every beginning. 
It's time to say goodbye to Hong Kong.

$ which we didn't use there. Because some we paid with our credit card.
So gotta change these back to RM and wait for the credit card statement to arrive. 

As much as I like being in Hong Kong, I was also looking forward to being at home. Food is much cheaper and I won't have any problem eating. You can find all kinds of food here in PJ. The next vacation, I wanna go on a gastronomical adventure :)

There's no place like home - Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.

Click here to read our previous trip to : Hong Kong March 2009 


It was just a couple of years ago we sat in Dr Razak's clinic (in Damansara Specialist Hosp). Now, here we are again for our youngest son's circumcision. Dr Razak is really good with kids. The whole procedure takes about 45mins or less. He would make them feel comfortable first by talking to them. Rayn wasn't scared but he was shy and nervous. Sshhh! He wasn't scared because he didn't know what to expect. Hehehe!

Alhamdulillah, the procedure went well. I hope his wound heals nicely. Glad his tolerance for pain is quite high. He doesn't cry but yesterday he did whine a bit. I can only imagine the pain. Ouchie!

Testing testing..

Yeay! I can blog from my iphone. So cool :9 Why didn't I think of it earlier. Lolz!