Monday, December 24, 2012

Bandung Trip!

I've to start blogging ASAP while the trip is still fresh in my head. Hehe! before I forget the tiny teeny details.

We depart for Bandung at 6:50am and reached there about 2 hours later. The climate is slightly cooler than ours because Bandung is situated about 2,500ft above sea level. It was about 22°C not too hot and not too cold either. End of the year is a rainy season so it's cooler especially at night. And yeah once it rains, it drizzles throughout the day. That's the blergh part. Other than that, I'm glad I didn't get ill despite getting wet in the rain a couple of times.

Huge bungalow

food on pushcarts

more pushcarts by the street. 

Our supir told us that even the rich eats food sold by street peddlers. Unlike Malaysians, we only eat in restaurants. Well, we don't wish to get sick, especially when we're on a vacay.

In Malaysia, if you're in a city, you'll see big bungalows, big houses, huge condos, big malls, highways, etc. But there, nice places and big mall like Paris Van Java, where you can find Miss Selfridge, La Senza, Next, Longchamp, etc but the moment you step out of the mall, you'll end up in a small street, small wooden houses everywhere, etc. My sister told me that it's the same in Jakarta. I suffered from culture shock for a while there. :{

One the first day we went to Pasar Baru (direct translation new market), but it's not actually new. Har har har! It's not a mall but it's a building. They've all sort of stuff in there. I'm not into fabric and lace. But my mom went crazy shopping for lace. According to her, they're cheap. So if you're into fabric and lace, there's an entire floor selling variety of fabric and lace in Pasar Baru, Bandung. And yeah for Muslims, they sell hijab, prayer mats, female prayer cloak(?), etc. You can get a nice adult female prayer cloak for less than MYR40 (IDR100K). I bought a few as gift and also for myself. Although I don't wear hijab when I go out, I wear it during my Islamic studies with my ustazah. 

We ate at the food court (top floor). The moment we walked into the food court we were swamped by people asking us what we want to eat, drink, etc. They went "mau makan apa? soto ada, bakso ada, ayam penyet ada, etc and another guy saying nak makan mee pun ada and he went on and on about his menu. I immediately ran walked away. LOL! I've never been attacked verbally with words like that. My sister laughed when she saw me running away. 
Anyways, I walked back to the food court because I was hungry. That's the only place to eat in Pasar Baru. But I raised my hands, telling them to slow down and that I'm gonna sit down first and take my time. 


Rumah Mode is my kinda place. Spacious, airy, they've a cosy place to dine, a place to shop, nice Balinese statues at every corner. Oh! I must visit Bali next year.

Rumah Mode is a factory outlet boutique. 
You can find brands like Zara, Forever 21, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Chanel, etc
Shhhh! I noticed that some aren't real. It's probably from Thailand. Even some made in Bandung aren't real. They don't even look real. So be very careful. I asked the sales girl if it's real? And she said "ngak tau" (I don't know)

Tips: Always take supir (driver) when you're there. We paid 1million rupiah (IDR) for 2 days about RM320. We booked for supir from our hotel. I know that there are cheaper ones at the airport, but we didn't dare take because it was our first time there and we are all girls.  We paid him extra IDR 50K more for driving us up to Tangkuban Perahu. To enter the area we had to pay about MYR60 if I'm not mistaken 20/person.

Second day we went up to Mount Tangkuban Perahu. 

Mount Tangkuban Perahu. 
There's a myth about how Tangkuban Perahu was created. 
Google and read about 'SangKuriang'.
It's an interesting story told by our supir (driver) on our way up.

bashful horse 

shops up there

driving down

On our 3rd day there, we didn't take supir because we already know where to go. Or so we thought. LOL! But nooo...hailing for a cab wasn't easy. Worst is when it rains. Cars are like gremlins. When it rains they multiply and get crazy over there. We waited for 2 1/2 hours for a cab. The restaurant called 2 cab companies but none available to fetch us. Luckily, the parking attendant at the restaurant hailed for a cab for us. It was an old cab with only one working wiper and a broken right passenger door. Well, beggars can't be choosers. Besides, we were tired of waiting. We went to Paris Van Java and told him to come back at 9pm. He asked for IDR100K (about MYR33). We agreed. Afraid if we're stranded there with no cab. LOL!

At Sederhana Restaurant. Masakan Padang. Padang food.
Funny concept. They'll serve you all sorts of dish. And then you pick whichever you like. What you don't eat/touch you won't have to pay. It's charged by plate.

It was more than these but my mom decided to clear the table by picking only what we want. 

So yeah I said that I wasn't a rice person and I don't like rice. I was wrong! I love nasi padang. Especially daging dengdeng (flat crispy beef) Oh it's to die for. I wanted nasi padang everyday. It's cheaper there too. All four of us about MYR60'ish. IDR200,000.'ish

We didn't go anywhere on the fourth day. Our flight back was at 3:50pm but we decided to be at the airport much earlier. The traffic is unpredictable. :(

I know a few Indonesian words like machett means traffic jam, gratis means free (they don't say percuma), kapiting means crab and apokat is avocado, bebek means duck. The rest I can't remember. LOL!

We were on the same flight as our (ex-Deputy Prime Minister) and his family. His daughter Nurul Izzah is soo beautiful. Wish I've skin like hers. Okay, back to my Bandung trip.

We touched down safely at LCCT at 6:50pm. We experienced some bad weather and I shut my eyes and picture myself on a jet-ski riding on choppy seawater.

I enjoy flying because I just love the view from up here. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Off to Bandung

I'll be going to Bandung this Sunday early in the AM until Wednesday with my my mom, sister and aunt. Yeah mommies only trip. No kids and no hubbies...(wait who's gonna carry our bags then?)

I've never been to Bandung nor any part of Indonesia, so I really don't know what to expect. I'm very particular about food. I do not like rice much but if I don't have a choice then rice it is. I really hope there will be some sort of western food resto...but I doubt it. HAHA!

My sister told me to travel light. Really? Me? You're kiddin right? Damn!

Okay. That's all for now. Peace!

Universal Studios Singapore...2012

Oh yeah after the Legoland trip we went to USS again and we stayed in Festive Hotel (again). This time, even though it wasn't a school holiday USS was pretty crowded, to my standard. Of course crowd-less theme park would be everyone's wish.

Our boys just love it here.

Here we come!

Let's get on the Transformers ride.

We had to queue for about 40mins :{

I really enjoyed the ride. It's 4D simulator. The best I've tried so far.


After USS, we watched Songs of the Sea. It was nice. I wouldn't say great lah.

lazer lights, fire, water, etc

After that we went to Mustafa Centre. It's a big store selling pretty cheap branded stuff. Of course that place was crowded too. It opens 24hours a day. You can get perfumes, imported chocolates, electronic goods, etc. All at a very good price!

I didn't quite like the place because it's too crowded, it's hard to stop and look at things because people are everywhere. I managed to grab some chocolates. It's less by about 40% as compared to the price of chocolates here in KL.

Check this out!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Legoland Malaysia. Asia's first Legoland :)

Last Tuesday we drove down to Johor Bharu. Shhh! Our boys skipped school. It's the only way to avoid crowd. What's the point of vacationing on a school holiday? It'll be super crowded, long queues, hotel surcharge, stress, etc. LOL! Anyways, we had a wedding to attend that weekend in Singapore, so hubby decided that we go to Legoland since were traveling south by car.
Ok the amusement park is big. You'll need to spend a whole day there if you wish to try out all the rides. Lucky for us, there wasn't that many people because we were there on a weekday, remember? *wink*.
I saw many play areas for toddlers and kids, many attractions and rides, food is pretty good, price is reasonable for an amusement park and many water coolers to quench your thirst. Here's a tip, bring a water bottle so that you can refill because you'll need to drink plenty of water. I didn't know, I thought at the entrance they'll go through our bags like in Hong Kong Disneyland. No big deal, we bought drinks in there. But trust me, it's really hot there. Bring along a cap and smother yourself and kids (and spouse) with sunblock. I think it'll be great if Legoland buys big shade trees and place them all over the park. There's a few covered areas and airconditioned restaurants, etc. It helps a little. 

Don't bring bags unless you don't mind leaving it behind on the shelf. I didn't want to leave my bag behind because we had our passport with a few hundred SGD $ in it. In Universal Studios Singapore we are allowed to carry our bag along. But unfortunately not here in Legoland.

Here we are at Legoland.

Lego Technic ride

open playground

making race cars

boys testing out their cars

covered playground

one of the many rides

KLCC made of Lego. 
Glad the real KLCC is not made of Lego. Hahaha!

doing the Egyptian walk

At Lego Kingdom.


Overall, I think kids from 3 to 12 would love Legoland and teens would prefer Universal Studios (About 2hrs drive down into Sentosa, Singapore).

FYI, soon there'll be Legoland Hotel and Legoland Water Park. Currently it's still under construction. Below are some pics I stole from other Legoland's website. 

The rooms would probably be something
 like this for boys and princessy for girls?

Legoland Windsor (if I'm not mistaken)

Water Park

Water park


What's the big deal about Chatime? Ok so I decided to give it a try after hearing a lot about Chatime. I've read on FB about the danger of pearl tea. You can read about it here. It's not something new. I've read about it like 2 years ago.

I know it's silly but I was curious about the drink. So be it good or bad for me, I just wanted to try at least I'll know what it tastes like. So I went to their outlet at The Curve and I asked the cashier what's the best here. He recommended the Pearl Milk Tea. I bought the regular size RM5.90.'s what I think of it. I think the pearl (black tapioca chewy jelly like texture) sucks. The drink was so so..nothing beats cold/hot teh tarik lah.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's out!

Yes, it's out and it's everywhere around Damansara area.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Print shoot

My youngest was working on the 2nd day of Syawal. A print shoot for Tesco with his uncle. It'll be on mini billboard, in store bunting and Facebook.

makeup artist applying lipstick on my son?

busy working

Hubby's cousin Farez

on the monitor

Eid 2012

I miss my grandparents so much when I heard takbir raya on raya morning. Hubby went solat raya with our eldest son. The house was pretty quiet except for the sound of takbir raya coming from a nearby mosque. I was at home with the little one. Terkenang raya di kampung. Thinking of my late grandparents and hometown almost brought tears to my eyes. So meriah unlike raya in KL. But when I saw my youngest son enthusiastically getting ready with a comb in his lefthand and with his righthand trying to buckle his sampin, I laughed. I'm not going to let my emotion ruin my raya. I sedekah Al Fatihah to all my ancestors. They are at a better place..insyaAllah.

Anyways, raya was sweet. Celebrated at my in laws in the morning and then we went to my cousin's house and parents house. From AM to PM makan-makan and sembang-sembang. :D

my heroes

with my sis in law and parents in law

cakes and kuih raya

with hubby's cousins

maafkan tipah bang...

with my mom in law and sis in law

my family

lil ones

cam whoring 

with my sisters

berderet tunggu nak salam..or nak duit raya? LOL!




kuih raya