Friday, January 27, 2012

Moving on..

I mourned for a day and I think it's time to move on...he's in a better place (InsyaAllah). I can't help but to feel sad but I'm not going to let myself feel depressed throughout the week. It's unhealthy. I don't want my boys to see me this way. So might as well be happy right?

My grandfather had a long life and I think he has suffered enough in the last few months feeding on milk through a tube that goes straight to his stomach. In a way, I'm glad he is not suffering anymore. All I can do is to read Yaseen for him after my Maghrib prayers. Sending him prayers is all I can do to show him that I love him :).

Thursday, January 26, 2012

From Allah swt we HIM we shall return.

My grandfather passed away early this morning. Just a 2 hours ago (4:50am). He would be 100 years old this year. I wouldn't say his passing was a shock for me...we saw it coming. He has been bedridden for about 2 years but just 4 days ago he got really sick. He was taken to the hospital. The doctors can't do much to save him. His iv drip didn't go through hence the swollen right hand.
I prayed if it was time for him to go, let it be peacefully. Alhamdulillah...he passed on peacefully (my sister told me that). He was already in coma state for 3 days now and was on life-support. As much as I find it hard to let's even harder to see him suffer.

I feel sad that I couldn't go back earlier and now that he has passed away, I can't rush to Perlis now. I won't make it in time for the funeral since it's going to be before Zhohor prayers. Min 6 hours to get to Perlis. Unless I'm a speed demon.
Thankfully my parents, my eldest sister and bro in-law are already there. My sister left yesterday evening and reached Perlis at 10pm.

Here I am sitting on my prayer-mat after performing my Subhi prayer...just needed that moment of silence. It is very quiet this early in the morning anyway.
I realised that don't have any grandfather paternal grandfather passed away when my father was a little boy. Even he didn't get the chance to know his own father. My late grandfather was from Pakistan. He came to Malaysia alone. We never knew his side of the family.
My maternal grandfather on the other hand, lived a long life...he raised his kids, he enjoyed spending time with his grandchildren and he has so many great grandchildren. I'm glad he attended my wedding 11 years ago and my kids has met and spoke to him...not many kids have a living great grandfather. I didn't get to experience that...

We will always miss you tok ayah...
May Allah swt place you amongst the dwellers of Jannah...ameen.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Journey 2 : The Mysterious Island

Awesome movie! If you like Journey to The Centre of The Earth you'll love this movie, because this one is even better. It's funny too! Watch it in 3D coz it brings out the movie even more...(but not recommended for those who gets dizzy easily).