Saturday, March 31, 2012

Salwa's baby shower!

I've attended countless birthday parties but I've never attended a baby shower before. We played games and I enjoyed the games. Everyone participated. It was fun!

Salwa (the mom to be) is due 4th of April (methinks). She's carrying a baby boy. Yeah it's a boy season I guess. My friend in Brunei is pregnant to a boy, my cousin delivered a boy recently, my school friend gave birth to twin baby boys last week and the laundry lady just gave birth to a boy too. So who says there are more girls than boys on this planet?

Oklah I'm gonna chill now...adios!

ramdom pics.
Yummy cuppies, my good friend, her sister Salwa and that's me pinning the sperm to the ovum.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Can't wait to watch this one. Hope it's better than MIB 2.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Mmmm...mmm I love smoothies. Ever since Baskin Robins started selling it, I've been making trips to the outlet nearby my house. It's tiring to drive out each time I get that attack. But I do it anyways.

And then I thought hey, why don't I just make my own smoothies! Doesn't sound like a bad idea. Duuh! So I drove my lazy ass to Jaya Grocer and bought 2 tubs of froyo, fruits, frozen wild berries and a few boxes of low fat milk.

Actually it's a lot healthier making your own smoothies because you KNOW what you put inside.

You can get bananas, mangoes, pineapples, etc and then you peel them, cut them and bag them in batches. This way, your fruits won't go bad and they're ready anytime you need them... :D

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Since it's a school holiday and we ain't going anywhere, we decided to get our boys a PS3. They used to love their Wii when they were little. I love Wii because I can buy 5 *cough* pirated games for less than RM50 bucks. The best part is that when you buy 5 you get free 1. Hahaha! But sadly they are not selling any latest pirated Wii games now because a new Nintendo Wii console will be coming out soon.

Anyways, my boys loves their PS3. But what I don't like about PS3 is that it only plays original game. That means it's about RM120 minimum for each game. Expensive! I'm such a pirate. Not just any pirate but a kiasu one. Aaaarrrr!

'A set' means 1 game console and 1 controller. We had to buy another controller 
or else our boys will be fighting physically instead of virtually. 

RM120 each. 

this game costs RM180. Tsk tsk.. 
My eldest son bought this game when he
went out with his atok (grandfather).

So yeah they only have 3 games for now. Can't afford to buy them 5 games at once like before. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

A trip to KidZania

Kai! We were in KidZania yesterday (Sunday). We went for the morning session 10am-3pm. Overall I must say that it's a very cool place for kids to learn and play at the same time. In KidZania kids can be a Policeman, Fireman, Surgeon, Pilot, Radio DJ, Dentist, Journalist and many many more. Each job takes about 20minutes to complete. They can also learn to cook, paint, wall climb, etc but to do these things they're required to pay in KidZos. KidZos is KidZanian currency. If they work, they get paid in KidZos.

As they enter KidZania city, they will have to proceed to CIMB Bank where they will need to cash out their cheques. They'll receive cheques upon purchase of KidZania tickets.

My eldest explored KidZania city on his own. He was working diligently. He even went to KidZania college so that he can earn extra KidZos with his 'paper qualifications'. He 'graduated twice'. Ah! My youngest on the other hand, *sigh* didn't want to work. I had to force him to go in and work. He was excited in the beginning after that he got bored. All he wanted to do was to sit in the kid's disco lounge and watch other kids dance. I know which son of mine I should be very worried about. *shakes head*

Anyways, as for parents/adults there's nothing much to do in there besides accompanying your kids and taking their pics. So bring along your ipad, notebook, smartphone, book, etc. Overall, I must say that we had fun. We will definitely visit KidZania again soon :D

Below 2yrs old = FREE
Toddler 2-3yrs old  = RM 35
Kiddos 4-17yrs old = RM 55 (Malaysian Mykid)
Kiddos 4-17yrs old = RM75 (International passport)
Adult = RM35 (Malaysian Mycard)
Adult = RM 50 (International)
Senior Citizen (60yrs old and above) = RM 30
*To enter you must bring your passport, MyKid card, Mycard and Birth cert (photocopy is fine)

There are 2 sessions for weekend, public holidays and public school holidays.

10am to 3pm (1st session)
4pm to 9pm (2nd session)

So if you wish to go for both sessions you're required to pay twice. It's best to go on weekdays, Mon through Friday 10am to 5pm. Just 1 session so you only pay once. Unfortunately, the kids will have to skip school. LOL!

With their safety bracelet, kids 8 and above are allowed to explore KidZania on his/her own. All you need to do is get him/her KidZania ticket and drop him/her off at KidZania city main entrance (after scanning his/her bracelet). But of course, it's safer to drop your child off with his/her friends or cousins...along with a mobile phone :D

To find out more about KidZania click here.

KidZania airport.

You must have either your IC card aka Mycard or Mykid or birthcert or passport..

going in

working for TM.

Disco anyone?

burger making session at Marry Browns. This buger making class is not a job.
So you don't get paid instead you have to pay in KidZos. 
This one is about 15KidZos.

His first job!

CSI Agent


interviewing KidZania's staff

Friday, March 2, 2012

Mind your language..

Khun sabai dee mai ka? (How are you?) 
Sabai dee (I'm well) 
Mai Sabai (not well)

Yes, chan rian phaasa Thai jaak Youtube ka :D

No, I'm not traveling to Thailand. LOL! I'm just bored and decided to learn Thai language. Been learning phaasa(language) Thai for about a year now. My mom can speak a lil bit of Thai and I've Thai cousins who can speak Thai. So why not learn Thai right? Dichan phoot phaasa Thai dai nit noi na ka. :P
I can speak a lil bit of Thai but I can't read Thai characters. I'm learning from youtube :D. I would go for classes if I have the time. But the only time I have is in the morning and I spend that time napping huffing and puffing at the gym. I hardly watch TV (aren't like most stay-at-home moms). Soap operas and dramas doesn't appeal to me, I'm just not interested. I prefer doing something else. I'd rather learn about history, baking, languages, dance, *cough* shopping, etc.

Teacher (Khru) Khru Wee 

A couple of years ago I studied Italian language. Si, ho parlo un po' di Italiano. Italian language is very easy like speaking in BM as compared to French, Mandarin, Thai, etc. Hubby studied French back in college. I'm guessing his French dah berhabuk. Whatever it is, we must practice what we learn. Hence my Italian pun dah berhabuk. Just like my BM lah. I can speak BM but I need to mix BM with English. I can't speak BM in one full sentence unless it's a short one *pout* I used to be able to speak in BM very well back in school days. Even the aku, engkau and some profanity. HAHAHAH! My eldest sister scolded me for being a foul-mouthed. I don't use it at home though. Nak mampus, my mom would be very angry! Even words like aku, engkau, kau are not allowed. :O

My boys are learning Arabic in school. Now, that's a tough one. And it's quite hard to pronounce. Like mirwahatu it's not shark fin. It's ceiling fan. How about this balaisatiisyanu al-mahmuulatu. It's PSP, you know that game console thingy. So there you go. I don't say this to my sons but damn it's hard to learn. I want them to learn so I make it easy for them by saying it in a funny way. They would laugh but they would also remember the words. Funny enough they often say the word zohrun. Which I finally found out last week that it means ass (bottom). Sigh...

11 years Wedding Anniversary

Aiya! I wanted to post this on the 12th of January but I totally forgotten about it since I posted this on my FB wall and was busy replying to comments there. So yeah, recently we celebrated our wedding anniversary. Yeay! Alhamdulillah..I pray that we will have many more happy and wonderful years together insyaAllah...
Shhh! I just realised that my baju nikah was a bit too revealing. Eeepps! Nasib baik Tok Kadi tak pengsan. Usually brides would wear baju kurung with hijab on the day/night of solemnisation. Heeee.....

Our wedding was pretty simple. It started slow in the beginning with the preparation and all, after that...3 days just went by in the blink of an eye. Friday solemnisation, Saturday wedding reception at my parents house and Sunday reception at Hilton PJ. I've never smiled for so long in my life. My jaw ached like hell on the 3rd day. Nevertheless I've no regrets smiling too much, at least I was a smiley bride then a sour puss on her wedding day. LOL!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Nothing like a good start to kick off your day. I used to skip breakfast. I know, I know breakfast is very important. When I skip, I'll go crazy during lunch and I'd eat like crazy. *hangs head in shame*

The right way is to have breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper. Betul tak? But you know lah we Malaysians makan tak ikut time and on top of that terbalik. We eat breakfast like a pauper, lunch like a queen and dinner like a king. Tummy all full we coil up and sleep. Are you doing this? Stop it now before it's too late.

So anyways, back to my story. When I was at the gym earlier I thought of breakfast...usually I'd be thinking of my boys at school. But this time tengah2 exercise I was already thinking of foooood.
The moment I got home, I ran into the kitchen and made scrambled eggs on toast. Hubby doesn't mind healthy breakkie. He told me that he's feeling a lil pudgy lately. Really?? Like really??
He used to be just skin and bones 18 years ago. Even after we got married he was still skinny. I still remember how his head used to look a lil big in proportion to his body. So I'm actually happy to see him finally gaining some weight. Nicer to hug and comfortable enough for me to rest my head. True!

egg whites with low fat milk

fruits queuing to be juiced 

Adventist bread. This is a sprouted life grain bread. No flour.
Good for diabetic patients. Have you heard of Adventist Hospital in Penang? 
That is where this bread came from...well not this one lah. I bought these at Jaya Grocer.

All done and ready to be devoured. Nom..nom..nom..