Thursday, April 26, 2012

Knowing your BMI and BMR

BMI means Body Mass Index. BMI is a tool used to measure your body fat based on height and weight. You can calculate it manually, but here's an easier Don't lie about your weight. LOL!

Results :
18.5 and below : Underweight
18.5 - 24.9 : Healthy weight
25 - 29.9 : Overweight
30 and above : (Obese)

Everyone should know their BMI so that they are able to keep tract of their potential diseases. I'm sure we all have heard of the saying, 'Prevention is better than cure'.

People who are overweight and obese need to be careful. They are at a risk of getting osteoarthritis, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, erectile dysfunction(men), etc. Underweight people are also at a risk of getting a couple of diseases such as osteoporosis, anemia, digestive diseases, etc.

Congrats if you fall under the healthy weight category. But it doesn't mean you're not prone to getting diseases mentioned above and others. Eat clean and stay healthy. Watch what you put in your mouth..and I don't mean literally. We all should take care of ourselves, because if we do get a desease, at least we know we did our best to prevent it from happening. I know, even health-freaks aren't spared from getting cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, etc. But we should do our best.

We are what we eat. I know for some of you, it's hard to start eating healthily and exercise especially for those who has never ever done it before. I understand. Well, it's never too late. Start little by little, take baby steps. Try something simple like, walking up the escalator/travelator instead or standing still, go brisk walking at a park, take the stairs instead of lift, park your car further so that you'll walk each day, dance to your favourite music, etc. Whatever it is, start moving. You CAN do it! You will feel good about it. Trust me.

Now let's talk about BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). The amount of BMR is the amount of calories our body burn in a day. Our body burn a certain amount of calories a day even if we're just lying down on the bed. Because our heart is pumping, our stomach is digesting, our brain is constantly thinking, our lungs are functioning, etc. All of these uses energy. Our organs uses energy all the time. Just like cars, it uses fuel even if it's static.

Younger people have higher BMR and as we age our BMR slows down.
Usually for an adult female it's about 1200 and male about 2000. Click here to calculate your BMR.

My BMR is less than 1200. But I eat about 1500 or more because, I exercise 5 to 6 times in a week. Cardio, strength training and yoga in between. My BMI says that I'm underweight. So I'm eating more than my BMR to gain a little bit more weight.

So have you calculated? Are you eating less than your BMR? Or more?

Let's say your BMR is 1200 and you wish to lose some weight. To lose weight you should take food with less calories. It doesn't mean you should cut down on your meals. Remember, eating constantly keeps your BMR high. If your BMR slows down, your body burn the food you consume slower. And the rest unused energy stored as fat. So do not skip your meals. Been there done that. Of course, by skipping your meals you'll lose weight. But remember in the long run, your metabolic rate slows down too. So you'll eventually gain weight. That's something you do not want to do.
Now, fasting is a must in the holy month of Ramadan :). It's a time to give your stomach a rest after a year of churning. But don't go for 100 days (or more) of fasting. We are only required to fast for 1 month (+ 6 days not compulsory). There are people who fast for a longer period of time to lose weight *shakes head* We are required to fast so that we learn to be patient,  have humility, sacrifice, control our lust/desire, etc. Did it say fast to lose weight? I don't think so. LOL!

Ok jokes aside, to gain weight, obviously you should eat food with more calories. To maintain your current weight, eat the same amount of calories as your BMR. Again, it does not mean you can now go crazy and eat pizza everyday, fried chicken, fries, burger, etc. Do not go for junk food, (occasionally is fine). But don't make it often, because even if you're skinny, you might be high in colesterol. So don't be surprised.

How to lose weight?
Have your meals as usual (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and supper) should sum up to a grand total 1000(based on 1200). Cutting back 200 calories a day. Maximum calorie you can cut down is 500 a day. Don't cut down more than 500. Your body needs energy or you'll end up malnourished. You can always start with cutting 100 to 200 calories per day. But of course, to see results it's best to exercise and watch your calorie intake.

Make simple changes like:
low fat milk instead of fresh milk.
capati instead or roti canai
yogurt instead of ice cream
dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate
brown bread instead of white bread
brown rice vermicelli instead of white
brown rice instead of white
baked potatoes instead of fries
olive oil as your salad dressing instead of thousand island, etc

There are many ways to change your diet. These little changes help a lot in the long run. :D

Imagine yourself at the age of 50. How healthy do you think you'll be at that age? Take a few minutes to think...
Now imagine yourself at the dining table in the morning after breakfast...what's infront of you? bottles of vitamins? or a container full of medicine? Remember, it's never too late. It's your body, it's your choice. Make that change.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Healthy Burger

  • A bag of wholemeal roll or any bun as long as it's textured. It's okay to use normal white bun if you like.
  • Some iceberg salad
  • Sliced tomato 
  • Light cheddar cheese
  • Baking paper
Beef patty ingredients:
  • 500g lean minced meat. If you can't find any minced meat labelled lean or extra lean, get lean beef cuts and tell the guy to minced it. Lean cuts like loin, top round, topside, sirloin, etc. Or just look out for meat with less marble (the white lines on meat aka fat) and make sure it's grass-fed beef.
  • 4tbs whole wheat bread crumbs. I use sprouted wheat bread crumbs. Make bread crumbs from stale bread but not moldy. 1 day old bread is okay.
  • 1 whole egg
  • Worcestershire sauce (a few dashes)
  • A pinch of salt
  • Some grind pepper
  • Crushed garlic
  • Grated onion
  • Chopped fresh parsley or any herbs.
  • 2tbs Olive oil


mix all the ingredients 

using your hand mix the ingredients

make a ball about this size

flatten them on baking paper and freeze or refrigerate for about 45mins to an hour.
So that it's less likely to crumble during cooking/grilling.
Cover the meat with cling wrap before freezing.

extra beef patties stored in a ziplock bag and into the freezer . Separated by baking paper.
Without baking paper it'll stick together.

grill it on both sides on medium to high fire. Don't over cook the meat.
Over cooking makes it dry.


Do not add mayonaise to a healthy burger. That's just wrong! If you like, add lil bit of bbq sauce or just eat it like that. :D

Monday, April 23, 2012

It's a BOY!

Remember the baby shower I attended a couple of weeks ago? Her baby decided to arrive early. Salwa (the mommy) was 37 weeks pregnant when her water broke. She told me that her sleep was interrupted when she felt a gush of water come out...(I don't have to mention from where lah huh?). She said it wasn't painful at that time. It was at 4:30am and she was still able to smile and laugh when they got to the hospital.
She found out that she was only about 3cm dilated. She thought it was near, until the nurse told her that she won't be smiling when the time comes. True enough, she said it was excruciatingly PAINFUL!! As a mother of 2, I can't imagine the pain she went through because both my sons came out via c-section and I've never felt labour pain in my life. C-section is painful, but the pain comes after delivery. Haha!
Salwa said she wanted to give birth naturally without any drug/medicine. But when the pain came and it got stronger each time she decided to try out the laughing gas at 12pm. It's no laughing matter, because that didn't take the pain away. In the end, she told the doc to hook her up to the epidural. With epidural, the pain was bearable and she was able to rest for awhile. But she said epidural didn't stop the pain when her baby was coming out. The best part is that pain disappeared the moment her baby came out. What a relief :P

So yeah, who want's to have a baby? LOL!

I have forgotten how to hold a baby. LOL!

My precious. Not mine lah...pinjam sekejap.

I didn't notice this before, but my friend told me that all babies
are born with ears like this. 
(Alif Lam Lam Ha) Subhanallah...

Hi! I'm One week old :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

early bird

When my hubby was out of town recently, I decided to wake the boys up for school a lil bit earlier than their usual time. They woke up groggy but when they heard me saying let's have something from Mcdonald's, they sprung out of bed straight into the toilet to brush their teeth and shower.
Thee hee hee!
'Mcdonald's' is a powerful word. 

We were here by 6:30am. I ordered a HappyMeal and Sausage McMuffin. I didn't order anything for myself. I'm eating clean remember? Haaahaahaa..but I'm serious.
After that, I drove straight to their school and parked there while they munched on their breakfast.
When they were done, I kissed their cheeks and walked them to their school gate. My eldest avoid PDA (public display of affection). So I don't kiss him or hug him once he's out of the car. sigh. Sometimes, I'd punch his arm softly or pat his back. He'll turn and smile at me.
But I'd continue kissing my youngest son infront of his school gate. He's after all...still 'a baby'.  ;) Meluat tak? hahaha

Because I'm so used to my routine, I forgot to stop and think about what I'll miss most one day. 
And I think, this is one of it. I'll miss sending them off to school, I'll miss that sweet innocent grin on their faces and most of all I'll miss them saying "I love you mommy". My youngest would say "mommy, you smell like a pwincess.." even after my gym session. Aawww...*smile* 

SubhanAllah...It was a perfect morning. Just take a look at that :)

Mommy was so lazy, after school mommy took them for lunch at One Utama. Hehehe! 
That was my confession *hangs head in shame*
I had 5 sticks..I'm not gonna lie. I've never been to this place before so I had to try it out.*justifying* 
Verdict: It was yummy!

Ooh la la! I blotted my satay with a serviette. *gasp* But I continued eating it anyways. LOL!

I cooked dinner that night. It was all healthy and all clean with lots of veggies :D 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Warisan Haji Abdullah Ahmad

Recently we attended my family reunion at Payar Indah Wetlands. Nice place. It's somewhere near Putrajaya but not in Putrajaya, I think it's in Banting. Sigh. I'm so bad with directions. Anyways, let's move on with the topic shall we? I came from a very VERY large family. You don't see all of them here. Not all came on that day. Some have migrated overseas. My grandmother has 16 siblings. Don't faint! Not from the same mom. When my late great grandmother passed away, my great grandfather remarried. Hence, 16 children all together. 

The event was initiated by my young grandaunt. I'm sure it's not easy getting family members to come. Hehehe! 

Haji Abdullah Ahmad. I didn't know my great grandfather's name until recently. 

the 4th generation. My boys and their cousins.

uncles and nephews playing together.

I can't remember why we were clapping. 
I think it was my uncle's birthday and they were singing and 
he was cutting a chocolate cake.
yums! no, I didn't eat it.

traditional bowling with old coconut.

too heavy huh?

toss the water balloon 

mencari gula-gula di dalam tepung

Boat ride! It was BEAUTIFUL! I think what
made it even more beautiful is that we went there just before sunset. 
The boat ride closes by 6pm. We went into the boat at 6:30pm. We were the last batch.

Goodbye MR Sun..see you again tomorrow :)

Speed boat rempit style!

Badak air. Hippopotamus. So cute, I wanted to hug it :P

We all enjoyed ourselves that day. But I'm a litte disappointed because I still don't know what's my great grandmother's real name. My mom and relatives called her Tengku Putih. Even on the family tree it was just written Tengku Putih. All I know is that she was very fair. Hmm...I wish I know more about my ancestors. Bah! I wanna build a time machine. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Positive quotes

There are days when I need to feel inspired and motivated. I've my "blergh" days. Whenever I feel this way, I'd get online and read inspirational and positive quotes. They're like food to my soul :) Here's a few...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cheat day :9

I've not been weighing myself lately. So yesterday I weigh myself after breakfast and I've loss roughly abt 1kg. My ideal weight is between 42.7 and 43. I don't wish to lose too much weight. It's not healthy for my body. I've been eating a little more than my BMR 1170 each day. So maybe less cardio workout.

Since yesterday was a public holiday, dapur tak berasap lah. I don't cook on weekends or public holidays and whenever I feel too lazy to cook. Muahahaha! *sangkut apron*

I told hubby that I've loss a lil bit of weight. Hubby said then we deserve to "cheat" today. We have been going to gym and eating healthily. Yeah I agree with him. After all, we only live once so better enjoy it. I need to gain some weight back anyways *justifying*. So we drove to The Curve since it's the closes mall to home.  When we entered the car park, we couldn't find a spot to park. And if we did, I wouldn't want to go down. I don't like crowded places. Even weekend crowd is not this bad okay.

So we drove to One Mont Kiara Mall instead. We drove there twice because we took a wrong turn and end up back on Penchala Link towards TTDI where we started. *scratch head*
Don't blame us but the confusing road signs.
When we finally got to One Mont Kiara, we found ample parking at B3. It was our first time there. The mall is small, nice but pretty quiet. Our boys ran around exploring the mall while we follow from behind.
I instantly fell in love with the mall. Good that it's not crowded right. We sat down at Tony Romas and ordered a 10 piece rib. Whaaat?? Yup! Cheat day remember? Whooo...if you gotta cheat it better be worthwhile. Surprisingly the service was pretty slow considering there weren't that many people there.
When my eldest saw the ribs coming, he nudged me. The waiter placed the long plate in the middle of our table. I could smell the aroma, I suddenly remember how good it taste. Walaawei! The ribs tasted so good, I nearly burst into tears. As I was reaching for my 2nd rib, I felt guilty and that's when I turned towards my hubby. He was devouring the buttered rice and ribs down without a care in the world. *jaw drop* nothing can stop him now.

How did we get rid of the guilt? We went to the gym. When we came back home, we heard about the earthquake in Banda Aceh on the news. My prayers goes out to them. Glad there weren't any casualties nor a huge tsunami. Alhamdulillah...

finally here!

his fav meal

regret much? Nope...hehehe well, maybe..yeah just a little bit.

Damage is done. 
My body needs less than 1170 cal in a day. 
And this was just my lunch. LOL!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Eating clean

Eating clean is the best diet you can do for your body. Most people have that negative reaction when they hear the word doesn't mean not eating or eating less. Diet means the food that you consume everyday. I'm glad this year, my hubby decided to allow me to change his diet. Finally! Yes, I've tried changing my family's diet for years. I did lah for a while, on and off. I'm proud to say that we've been eating clean for almost 3 months now. Except for my boys. They're not on a 100% eating clean diet because when we are out, they still get their occasional burgers, nuggets, chocolates, sodas, etc.

Brown rice, boiled spinach and grilled chicken.

What is eating clean? Eating clean means avoiding all processed meat, junk foods and eating whole, natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and complex carbohydrates. Complex carbs means high fiber foods. Most people who are "on-a-diet" cut down on carbs. That's a no no! Our body need carbs. But we should avoid the simple carbs. Simple carbs are basically man made sugar, candy, popsicle, cake, canned/boxed fruit juices, corn syrup, bread made with white flour, etc. 

Kids can eat clean too. Why not right? In fact, they won't even know the difference because they are still young. My boys have cut down on junk food. I used to buy potato chips, jelly bears, candies, caramel popcorn, etc. For snacks, you can bake your own nachos. I use corn tortillas. Simply bake them in the oven (spray some olive oil and season with a lil bit of salt and pepper before baking). :D


I've not eaten milk chocolate or drink sodas for so long. Why don't I crave for it? Because once you change your diet, your body will adapt to it and...your taste buds will change along with it. Recently in the cinema, I wanted to drink my mineral water (with a straw), since it was dark, I accidentally sip my son's grape soda and the moment it entered my mouth, I thought it tastes tooooo sweet. I had to wash it down with water immediately. It's like my body has 'reset' my taste buds. My hubby is almost there but not yet. He told that me he still feel like eating fried crispy beef lung. OMG! LOL!! But it's okay it might take a longer time for him since he's not used to it. He is still smoking anyways. Gggrrrr! sigh.

I cringe at the thought of eating ribs 3 times in a week. Yup! *guilty* 

It's possible to change your diet now. Start slowly, little by little but you'll grow into it. People think I'm trying to lose weight. I'm NOT. I just want to be healthy. I'm trying my best to take care of myself and family..InsyaAllah. :D

P/s: I don't know why the words are highlighted. LOL!