Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Last Saturday we went archery-ing at Sunway Pyramid. I've tried archery years ago but never got the chance to try it again until recently. If you like archery or wish to try it, you can try it at Stars Archery in Sunway Pyramid. It's an indoor archery centre, so you can have a blast sans the outdoor heat :)
There's another archery centre in KL but I can't remember where. Berjaya Times Square if I'm not mistaken. You can google it aight!

They call me Legolas.


The pakcik who stood next to me (#13) was pretty good. His wife (#14) shot the wall instead.
*hand smack on forehead*

It was his first time at bow and arrow.
 He didn't stop to focus, he kept shooting one arrow after another.

look at the lady in the background. Tsk tsk...

He's not interested.

First shot a bullseye. 
Maybe it was a fluke or maybe I'm good :P

Monday, May 21, 2012


Some funny t's I found at Tangs One Utama. Lil Miss t's are cute but I love these t's. I'd love to buy these for some of my friends but I don't think they'd wear em in public. Hahaha!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Teacher's Day!

Last week, my youngest son told me that he wish to visit his ex-kindy teachers on Teacher's Day. He also told me that he wants to give them something special. So we went to Ikea and we bought some photo frames. After that, we printed pics of him and his ex-teachers which I took on his last day of school (last year). 

Sadly we couldn't make it on Teacher's Day but we visited his ex-teachers the next day.
So the next day, after fetching my youngest son from his school, I drove to his kindy like I usually would last year and the year before. I parked my car where I used to park. I smiled because I was just as excited to meet his ex-teachers. Hehe! I opened my car door and out he jumped with a huge grin on his face. We walked hand in hand slowly towards his school passing by a playground. He saw the playground and said to me "mommy, do you still remember I used to beg for you to let me play here?" I nod my head and smiled back at him without uttering a word. *guilty* Of course I remember. I remember saying No because it's too hot and I didn't want him to get dirty. But there were times when I allowed him to play at the playground for a short while. He used be so happy whenever I say yes. He would run around in excitement not knowing which one to take first. Hahaha!
And I also remember walking down that same path with him on his first day of school. He was only 4 turning 5. He wasn't afraid. He was confident. True enough, he never once complained about his school. 2 years came and gone just like he's in primary 1. How time flies...

Anyways, as we got closer to his school entrance, we saw Teacher Vimala. She was his first teacher. She greeted him. He greeted her and wished her a Happy Teacher's day. Inside, we met his Ustazah Anisa (Islamic Teacher). She was surprised to see him. I could tell that she was happy to see him. Both teachers stood there talking about him and asking him about his current school. After that he immediately became bashful and was at a loss for words. So I told him to go up and look for his other teacher (Teacher Raazya) while I have a chat with his ex-teachers. After a while, I went up and met Teacher Raazya. I wanted to shake hands but ended up hugging her. Awww... She was so grateful that we came. She love our gift. She said thank you so many times. I thanked her for being a good teacher to my youngest son. We said our goodbyes. I whipped out my iPhone and snap a few pics before leaving.

Sigh. I'm not good with words, I'm lousy at being nice and I suck at saying nice things. But I think I did a great job that day. Heeeheehee!

1st day. Learning to make friends.

school bags outside of class

Lil boy ready to come home

the playground

daddy giving him a pep talk on sports day 2010

A gold medal!! Yeaaaay..

Thank you teachers for being his mother at school. 
 His first few years of school was very crucial. You ladies made learning fun for him. Thank you for guiding him, inspiring him and making him who he is today...Alhamdulillah. You ladies did a great job.
May God bless all of you, always :D

Friday, May 18, 2012

Prank call for my dear hubby...

2 years ago I emailed Hitz.FM radio station and requested a prank call to my hubby. *evil laugh*
You see, my hubby is Mr Perfect. He is a perfectionist. He makes sure everything is done on time (I'm totally the opposite. I procrastinate all the time). He has all kinds of reminders in his phone. Not just birthdays and anniversary...but also our driver's license renewal, road tax renewal, car insurance renewal, credit card payment, housing loan payment, etc. He makes sure that all these payments goes through smoothly and accordingly way before it's due date.
He is also a ridiculously super neat and tidy person. If you walk by his car you'll see your reflection on it, if you get in his car you'll think it's brand new, if you look at him, you'll notice that every single strand of his hair is standing upright not even one is leaning and I'm dead serious. My car on the other hand is messy (I've a valid reason. I'm a chauffeur and my car is a taxi for my boys. You can ask my boys), I've finger prints on my shades all the time (again I blame the boys), my hair is out of place (the boys..duhh!)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Birthday splash!

We celebrated our eldest son's birthday at Sunway Lagoon last Thursday.
 The boys had a blast especially at the Water Park. They didn't even want to stop for lunch. But we all got hungry and ate at Mary Brown's. We had FRIED chicken. Yup! We did. It's impossible to find healthy food when you're in a theme park. 

My eldest wanted to try out the Extreme Park but unfortunately it's for kids 12 and above. Our eldest loves thrilling rides. At Universal Studios he took the Battlestar Galactica ride with hubby a few times. 
I hate thrilling rides. Even watching it makes be dizzy. 

At the wave pool with b'day boy!

with daddy

kiddy slide


yeah I carried this double seat float up to the top more than 8 times. 
Feels great to have the stamina and strength. Thanks to Insanity workout *wink*
I even overtook a few people on my way up. Muahahaha! *chest thumping* 

My youngest took this slide with his daddy. 
I enjoyed going down the tube slide and semi open tube slide 
but the tiring part is going up the steps all the way to the top with that huge float. 
If only there's a conveyor belt that takes the float up or something.

this slide was pretty awesome too!

chillin' with popsicles. 

our youngest son waiting for big brother and daddy. He is like me.
 We both hate rides that can make us dizzy.

my boyz

at the Wildlife Park



enjoying the roller coaster ride at the Amusement Park. This one wasn't scary.

Cowboy boot spin. Another dizzy ride. 
He took this ride a couple of times on his own. 
Nothing's going to stop him from having fun.

Doing the rain dance. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Croaking on Mother's Day

Had a great time karaoke-ing with my parents, hubby, sister, bro in law and nieces. It's been awhile since the last time we get together.
Food at Neway was so-so. Rating from 1 to 10, I'd give it a  5. Food could taste better. Well, can't expect good food from a karaoke joint.

Hubby sang a Malay song, Sedetik Indah by Annuar Zain. I think know he can sing very well. But he's always shy and very modest when people compliment him. Typical of him lah. I took out my iphone and secretly recorded this very short video. Hahaha! He would kill me if he finds out. Good thing is that he doesn't read my blog, so I'm safe. lolz!

Below are some pics I stole from my son's FB album. 

Singing mommies sisters

my parents and their 3 youngest cucus (grandkids). 
They have 14 grandkids all together :}

our eldest son captured this pic from his phone

when cousins meet and socialise. heeheehee!

the cuppies I baked for Mother's Day ;)

with my eldest sister and nieces

After our karaoke session we went to my MIL's (mother in law) house. Actually she shouldn't even be called MIL. She's more like a mom to me (I knew her since I started dating her son, at 16). But I'd confuse everyone if I say that I've 2 moms and 2 dads, right?! Yes even my FIL is like a father to me. We have argued countless times, we have our ups and downs but I'm glad I can be as 'straight as a ruler 'forward with him and he accept me for who I am. 

from my eldest son
This year, Mother's Day fellon the same day as my MIL's birthday, May 13.

from my youngest son

boys with their Wan (grandmother).

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Before and after...I love it! :)

Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you beautiful mommies, umi, ibu, mama, mommas and the list goes on. 
Enjoy your Mother's deserve it! 
Make sure you sangkut your apron and get food delivered to your doorstep (or get your kind hubby to buy food). 
Kick your shoes/houseslippers aside and put your feet up. Remember to get some rest because you're the QUEEN of the family :D

Tomorrow I'm gonna be busy celebrating Mother's Day with my 'mothers'...(my biological mom and hubby's mother).
And when I'm back at home, I'm just gonna spend the rest of my Sunday watching tv. 
I'm gonna sink myself into the couch and resssssst before Monday kicks in. Yes, sounds like a plan. *grin*
Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thinking of you...

I can't listen to this song without shedding a tear. This is a beautiful song. Every time I hear this song, I think of my son Tariq Khalil who passed away 10 years ago. Tomorrow is his twin brother's birthday  (my eldest son) and he'll be 10 years old. I wish Tariq was here with us...

Tariq, we love you baby...always and forever.

English translation:

Looking at your photo
Those shining eyes
The warmth of your smiles
That caring persona
Your happy face
Brings joy
To all who see
Melting cold hearts
You’re too special
Your love shines
With no barriers stopping
It pains my heart
Wanting to see you mature
But what can I do
God loves you more
I’m sure you’re happy
Being by His side
Listening to all stories
All the secrets
Can’t stop missing you
Hearing your voice
Your laughter in memory…

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Today after gym, I got home, showered, drop the boys off at Kumon and drove to The Curve gleefully. Yes, when it's my me-time, I'm often seen wearing a smile on my face. lolz!
After parking my car, I was partly skipping+walking...because I was running a bit late. I don't like being late and especially when my GF is already there waiting for me at the hotel lobby. It's my first time SPA-ing with a friend. I've been to this SPA a few times, alone. As I walked into the lobby I saw my GF waiting for me. She got up up up up...sorry I was exaggerating. Hehehe! She's very tall. She's about 6' tall I think. And I'm errr.. 5' tall.
After our routine greet 'cheek-kissing', we happily hurried to the lift. I was so excited I can't wait to be pampered.

When we got there, we were given a room with 2 massage beds side by side. The lights in our room were pretty dim and the scent of sandalwood was so soothing I felt treated already.
Our masseuses entered the room and started with body scrub. It felt great. Warm at first, but the wet scrub on skin made me feel a little cold. After the scrubbing session we showered (separately of course) and then continued with aromatherapy massage. It was so relaxing. I was dosing off until my masseuse started to massage my toes and sole. I flinched. Act! I hate that part. Leave my feet alone!! She continued massaging other parts of my body. Aaaaaah again..
My skin is dehydrated. I feel that each time she smothered my skin with oil it sort of absorb it instantaneously. Or was it my imagination. *rubs chin*

When the whole session was over, I wish it would start all over again. Bah! 
Anyways, it was getting late, it's a weeknight and my hubby was already home after fetching the boys from Kumon.
Overall, it was fun. I had FUN!! Especially SPA-ing with a good friend :)


SPA is my mini vacation.

Rejuvenated and happy to go home now...