Friday, July 27, 2012

My latest craving

I'm a seasonal eater. I mean, I'm suffering from 'seasonal appetite disorder'. When I like something I would have it daily and it lasts for weeks (sometimes months) and then I'd get bored of it. Luckily it's not the same for our relationship. HAHAHA!

Before Moo Cow, I was into Tutti Frutti. I still like it, but not as much now. 
Because now I'm into Moo Cow. 

Moo Cow near e@Curve

Moo Cow froyo Menu

A tub of yogurt. Convenient for sahur.

original flavour with oreo crumbs

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ramadan Mubarak!

Wishing all muslims a blessed Ramadan! 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Stand up comics

Last Sunday night hubby and I went to watch Maz Jobrani Live in KL. Maz Jobrani is an Iranian-born American stand up comedian. He is funny. I needed to LOL! So that's what I did. 
*proud grin*

Rizal van Geyzel was there too. Sorry I couldn't find the one I went for that day. But this is funny too.
I laughed so hard. And frankly, I think I can relate to his jokes better than Maz Jobrani's Middle Eastern jokes. I think Rizal is funnier.

Monday, July 16, 2012


My grandmother passed away on the 8th Of July.. I've been feeling sad for the past few days. No mood to blog. But I'm feeling better now. I've learnt to accept the fact that she's gone and I have to move on. No point feeling sad everyday. It's unhealthy. I recite Al Fatihah and read Yaseen for her and for the rest of my ancestors after prayers.

Six months ago I loss my grandfather. I still remember receiving a phone call from my sister in Perlis at 5am. I didn't go back. My sister said there's no point rushing back now because I won't make it for the funeral anyway. He would be buried in the morning. I regret not going back earlier. I wanted to see him for the last time. I didn't get that chance.

Last Friday 6th July my mother called me. She told me that my grandmother was ill. She told me that she's packing and leaving for Perlis with my father. I didn't really think much about it. I thought my grandmother would get better and I'll call her when she gets home. My mother called me on Saturday and she told me that my grandmother's health has gotten worst. I booked the earliest flight to Alor Setar, the next day at 7am. Hubby dropped me off at Skypark the next morning. I took the flight with my eldest sister. My parents and the rest of my sisters were already there in Perlis. I tak bawak my boys lah. Susah lah bawak budak2 ni especially bila kena ulang-alik pergi hospital. That's why I left them behind.

Anyways, when we got to Perlis, we visited our grandmother in CCU. She was weak. There were so many wires on her which was attached to those machines. She had her oxygen mask on. I've never seen her this way before. I went close and said Assalamualaikum, MakTok. Her eyes were half opened. I adjusted her oxygen mask before leaving her. Little did I know, that was the last time I would see her alive. 

We left the hospital for lunch, at 4pm. We went back to the hospital at 6pm. Susah sikit government hospital ni sebab ada visiting hours. Tak ada private hospital in Perlis. Waktu melawat 12pm to 3pm and 5pm to 7pm.
When we got there we waited outside the CCU. I let my relatives who were going back to KL, go in to see her first. Everyone thought she would be fine. The doctor said my grandmother needed blood transfusion. He didn't allow anyone to see her after that. So we waited outside. My parents left the hospital, they had to send one of my sister and her kids to the airport in Alor Setar. (There isn't an airport in Perlis.)
At about 8:40pm the doctor opened the door and told us to call our relatives, because it's time. We were shocked. It happened so quickly. We all rushed in. My heart sank when I saw her lying there motionless. When I got closer I saw a nurse beside her pumping the ambu bag. I glanced at the heart monitor and saw a flatline. We all read Al Fatihah and wept silently. We sat outside and read Yaseen together. My parents arrived shortly. 

We all went down to the mortuary, my uncle signed the release form. Funeral van waited outside to take her body home. Because it was late, she would only be buried the next day in the morning. I went back to the hotel with my parents. Tak cukup tidur, badan rasa letih sangat. The next day we woke up early for the funeral.

When we arrived my grandmother's house, there were so many people. Relatives, neighbours and friends kept coming. Jenazah dimandikan oleh jurumandi. My aunt, mother, sisters, cousins and I helped too. Tak pernah memandikan jenazah. Ini lah pertama kali. Rasa sedih sangat. Hands that were once warm and soft is now cold and stiff. Alhamdulillah, I had the opportunity to lather her feet with soap and rinse. Selepas siap dimandikan, jenazah di kaffan kan. 5 layers if I'm not mistaken. Siap tabur bunga yg wangi. Bila sudah siap di kafankan, we were allowed to kiss her. That was the last kiss. Sedih sangat.

Tanah kubur tak jauh dari rumah nenek. Jenazah dibawa ke tanah perkuburan. We walked to the graveyard. The land belongs to her side of the family. Where else my late grandfather was buried at his family's graveyard a few kilometers away. He was buried beside his mother's grave.
Rasa sedih melihat jenazah dibawa turun ke liang lahat. Memang menginsafkan. Kita didunia ni sebuk mengejar harta dunia but bila tiba masa kita pergi nanti hanyalah sehelai sepingang. When we die, our good and bad deeds ends except, these 3 things. 1st, ongoing charity (sedekah jariah), 2nd beneficial knowledge (mengajar ilmu yg berguna) and 3rd, righteous offsprings who will pray for you (anak2 yg soleh yg akan mendoakan untuk kita).
We left the graveyard with a heavy heart. We have said our goodbyes. Now it's her journey alone to meet our creator.

taken recently when she was ill.

MakTok and I

We all will return to our creator one day too. Those who live will die. It's just a matter of time. So spend our time on earth wisely. Cherish each moment. Call our parents and grandparents as often as we can. Make time for them. Because when they are gone, you may never ever speak to them again. I regret not calling my grandmother often when she was alive. If I can turn back time, I'd call her and tell her how much I love and miss her. But it's too late now. The only way now is to doa for her. 
I miss you Maktok :'(

Well, that's my story. Thanks for listening. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I think both my boys did fairly well. I'm surprised that my youngest son did well even though he hardly studies. He plays, naps and rarely to be seen at the table studying. Lol!

I've forgotten to take a pic of my eldest son's report card. He didn't do too well in his BM. He got B and C (penulisan). Soooo I told him to read more BM books. Everything else is okay. As and Bs. He must play less and study more. Sometimes I would sit at the table with him whenever he does his revision. But recently he has been busy with choral speaking, acting classes and other co-curricular activities at school. On top of that he has Kumon and home tuition. Maybe he couldn't focus. I know some kids can. So, I told him to take it slow on those activities and study a little more.

When I was younger I used to love maths. But after missing a lot of classes due to hospitalisation, I loss interest. Especially when my friends knew what they were being taught and I felt left behind. I kept getting asthma attack few times a year and each time I'd spend my days in the hospital. So yeah..not only I loss interest in Maths but other subjects as well. Except pendidikan seni (arts). LOL!
At home I play play play...I was never focused. My mom didn't teach me. Not school subjects. But she taught me a lot about life. :) She's a wonderful mom.

So, since I'm a stay-at-home mom too, I want to give my boys the best that I can give. I won't only teach them about life but I'd go through their revision with them. I'll make sure they are on track with their studies. I don't want them to be left behind because it'll only get tougher and tougher. They have to constantly be on their toes. I learn through my own mistakes, with that I'm able to impart my experiences and knowledge. I guess, it's pretty cool that I wasn't nerdy back in school. Because it takes a crook to catch a crook. I can tell if they are lying through their gestures. It's very useful when they are both in their teens. Hehe! Been there, done that.
Hubby was a good kid. He was a school prefect, he excelled in everything. So there you go!

he loves to nap

he naps a lot

he can really nap :P