Friday, October 12, 2012

Legoland Malaysia. Asia's first Legoland :)

Last Tuesday we drove down to Johor Bharu. Shhh! Our boys skipped school. It's the only way to avoid crowd. What's the point of vacationing on a school holiday? It'll be super crowded, long queues, hotel surcharge, stress, etc. LOL! Anyways, we had a wedding to attend that weekend in Singapore, so hubby decided that we go to Legoland since were traveling south by car.
Ok the amusement park is big. You'll need to spend a whole day there if you wish to try out all the rides. Lucky for us, there wasn't that many people because we were there on a weekday, remember? *wink*.
I saw many play areas for toddlers and kids, many attractions and rides, food is pretty good, price is reasonable for an amusement park and many water coolers to quench your thirst. Here's a tip, bring a water bottle so that you can refill because you'll need to drink plenty of water. I didn't know, I thought at the entrance they'll go through our bags like in Hong Kong Disneyland. No big deal, we bought drinks in there. But trust me, it's really hot there. Bring along a cap and smother yourself and kids (and spouse) with sunblock. I think it'll be great if Legoland buys big shade trees and place them all over the park. There's a few covered areas and airconditioned restaurants, etc. It helps a little. 

Don't bring bags unless you don't mind leaving it behind on the shelf. I didn't want to leave my bag behind because we had our passport with a few hundred SGD $ in it. In Universal Studios Singapore we are allowed to carry our bag along. But unfortunately not here in Legoland.

Here we are at Legoland.

Lego Technic ride

open playground

making race cars

boys testing out their cars

covered playground

one of the many rides

KLCC made of Lego. 
Glad the real KLCC is not made of Lego. Hahaha!

doing the Egyptian walk

At Lego Kingdom.


Overall, I think kids from 3 to 12 would love Legoland and teens would prefer Universal Studios (About 2hrs drive down into Sentosa, Singapore).

FYI, soon there'll be Legoland Hotel and Legoland Water Park. Currently it's still under construction. Below are some pics I stole from other Legoland's website. 

The rooms would probably be something
 like this for boys and princessy for girls?

Legoland Windsor (if I'm not mistaken)

Water Park

Water park


What's the big deal about Chatime? Ok so I decided to give it a try after hearing a lot about Chatime. I've read on FB about the danger of pearl tea. You can read about it here. It's not something new. I've read about it like 2 years ago.

I know it's silly but I was curious about the drink. So be it good or bad for me, I just wanted to try at least I'll know what it tastes like. So I went to their outlet at The Curve and I asked the cashier what's the best here. He recommended the Pearl Milk Tea. I bought the regular size RM5.90.'s what I think of it. I think the pearl (black tapioca chewy jelly like texture) sucks. The drink was so so..nothing beats cold/hot teh tarik lah.