Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Barcelona babeh!

I'm not a good storyteller. But I tell stories the best way I can. :)

Hola! That's what they say when they greet someone. They say it all the time. At the cashier, at the hotel, at the restaurant, on the bus, etc. Unlike here in Malaysia sometimes you enter a shop and you can hear the cricket sound. haha! Just kidding.

Anyways, it was my first time in Spain. I thought I'd be like a small person in a land of giants. But it's nothing like I imagined. LOL! Spaniards are very well mixed. Some blonde, some brunette, some tall, some short, some are tan and some are fair skinned. When I was in Norway early this year, I felt so tiny. They are tall, even their kids. Most of them are blonde or has a light hair colour and very fair.

So back to Barcelona.
On the day we arrived we checked in, freshen up and without wasting anytime, we went out to explore the city. From our hotel we took the metro to Catalunya. 2 one way to any destination.
Walking at La Rambla. The famous street in Barcelona city. You can see street performers here and there especially at night. Saw 2 men smooching at La Rambla. No they weren't street performers.

Honeymooners at La Rambla.
I thought we looked tired after 15hrs of flight and 11hrs at the airport (Qatar flight delay at KLIA+ 4hrs waiting for connecting flight at Doha airport). When we arrived Barcelona we took a cab from airport but got mixed up between Hilton Diagonal Mar and Hilton Barcelona which was along the same Diagonal street. Took another cab to Hilton Barcelona which was like 25minutes away.
Yes, we smiled with whatever energy we had left in us.(above pic)


The ceiling inside the cathedral. Very old indeed.

I didn't do anything on the 2nd day. Just eat, walk to malls nearby and gym. Felt so tired plus jet lagged. 
But felt good on the 3rd day. So I decided to explore the city. 
Every morning I'd have breakfast with hubby before he walk to work which is not too far from our hotel and I'd walk to the Turistic bus station and explore the city.
This is the hop on hop off bus with free wifi. So awesome! 

 2 day ticket.  
34/person for 2 days.  
€26/person for a day.

 I received voucher book, a booklet about the stops and an earphone.
On the bus you can plug in, select your preferred language and listen 
to the prerecorded audio commentary. Very interesting and helpful.

I made a video call while I was on the bus. It felt so good to be able to talk to my boys and seeing their faces. They told me that they went out and had fun with their aunt and grandma. 
So far yet so near :D Terubat rindu :)

My eldest son wanted to see the place so I showed him when the bus was going around the city. He don't seem impressed. LOL! 

Anyways, this is Casa Batll√≥ designed by Antoni Goudi. 
Reminds me of a masquerade mask. 
Just lovely! 

La Manzana de la Discordia. Right beside Casa Batlló.

Casa Mila one of Gaudi's many masterpieces. (took this with my iPhone) 


Sagrada Familia

a place to wash your hands near Barri Gotic. Yeah I went there again. This time alone.

I went to a 100 year old market. WOW! Bought granada (pomegranate) because I was hungry and I can't find anything Halal nearby. I also munched on chocolate while looking for lunch.

Saw a street statue on my way up to Parc Guell. 

This is Parc Guell. €8/person to enter. Also designed by the famous Antoni Gaudi in the early 1900's. It was supposed to be a residential park but it wasn't successful. The park became city property 1923. Later it became a tourist destination. Above is one of the house. Only a total of 2 houses in Parc Guell. Gaudi wanted to build 60 bungalows. 

Broken pieces of ceramic on some part of Parc Guell. I actually like this technique. It makes this place look very colourful and fun.

Castle like entrance at Parc Guell.

somewhere in Parc Guell. Parc Guell is HUGE.

Roundabout. Can't remember it's name. LOL!

Where to next?

Montjuic cable car. Didn't feel like getting on it. Not when I'm alone. :(

I got off the bus at Port Vell. I decided to go to  L'aquarium. Price  €20/adult.  So much like Aquaria KLCC. But bigger sharks. All about the Mediterranean marine creatures.

This shark is bigger than me.

Have you seen this fish? This is a sunfish. It's harmless, it eats jelly fish. Scratches on it's body was probably jellyfish sting scars.

Aahh..La platja del Bogatell. The beach. :) Saw ladies in bikini and men in shorts. It was 18C. But with direct sunlight it was nice and warm. I didn't take off my jacket because it was still quite chilly especially when the wind blows.

Clear blue chilly sea. Sun, sand and sea.

No nudist here.

City and beach.  

You can rent a bicycle here.

Halal food!! Whooohooooo! I had beef kebab with veggies, fries and hubby had grilled chicken wings with rice and veggies. So yummy and fulfilling. We took the metro from our hotel to Liceu. It's near La Rambla street somewehere along an alley.

On our last day, we walked to Nou Camp from our hotel. Hubby was all excited but we were early 8:45am. It opens at 10am. We didn't wait, so we didn't go in. We walked around the stadium instead:)

Palau Reial de Pedralbes. I was hoping to see "someone" at one of it's windows. Oh well, maybe I'd see one if I sneak in at night.

Spending 5 days in Barcelona was enough.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

It's Ramadhan!

Wishing all my Muslim blogger friends and stalkers readers 
Selamat Berpuasa!

Royale SPA Again

(I could have sworn I published this post last month (June). Anyways, better late than never. Ahaks!

2 week mid year school holidays has finally ended, my boys are back in school and I'm back to having about 6 hours of uninterrupted time alone to myself. Yeay!

Yesterday morning I decided to spend 2hrs of my time at the spa and 1 hour of shopping or more like window-shopping.

It's my 5th visit to Royale SPA. I like it here because it's just 5mins from home. Besides that, I think this place is hygienically clean and tidy. Their masseuse are soft spoken and not the chatty kind. When it comes to spa, I'm extra particular about the ambiance, music and smell. 
Royale Spa is located in Royale Bintang Hotel itself. :D

When I was in Bali, I visited (surveyed but never tried) a few spa outlets which I swear I would never step foot again. Some looks grand on the outside but when I got inside, the place looks old, dirty, has this lingering musty smell. I'm serious... no kidding.

We tried Rumah Spa. It's not actually like a rumah (house) because it's in a building but it's clean. It's similar to Royale Spa. Their prices are in USD. Not so cheap.

So if you've never tried spa before, go try :)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Legoland again :D

Legoland on a weekday. We kinda got the place all to ourselves. *giggles*
Click here to read my previous Legoland post. 

a bashful green dragon.

 Going up on Lego Technic ride.
it goes click click click..the first plunge was scary the rest was fun.

Wheeeee! I felt my butt lifted off the seat for a sec

This is the wet kinda ride.
Whole body dryer is available at RM10.
But don't expect your hair to be all bouncy and nice lah. Haha!

with Lego Chima.

at kids playground but no kids around. 
Just moi!


Angkor what?

if you look closely you'd find a brunette Dolly Parton.

Lego city


shopping for toys before 6pm. 
FYI, on weekdays Legoland closes at 6pm. 

The photographer told us to pose this way. We aren't geeky. 
Just pleasing the photographer.

Before calling it a night,
we celebrated our son's 11th Birthday