Monday, April 29, 2013

Our trip to Bali, Indonesia.

Last Monday morning, hubby called and invited me to Bali. He had a meeting there. My first expression was no way, the boys, their school, their tuition, my sleep, their Kumon, etc. And I didn't feel like traveling at that moment because my mind wasn't in vacation mode. Usually before I travel, I'd shop a little and exercise a little to ensure I look good. HAHAHA! Yes, I'm vain.

Anyways, I called my mother in law (MIL) and told her that her son invited me over. And she said go, follow him. If your husband wants you there, you should go. It's ok we'll take care of the boys. When I heard that I was like OMG! Thank you. Suddenly the vacation mode in my head was switched on by itself. I broke the news to the boys and they were so happy to be staying over at their grandparents house. It helps that they were happy because they love staying at my in law's house, instead of feeling sad about not going to Bali with me. So I didn't feel bad leaving them behind. *smirk*

I got to KLIA at 12:45pm. My flight was at 3:50pm. Yeah I was super duper early. I didn't feel like loitering around or be seen drinking or eating alone, so I went to the boarding gate and sat with my best friend (iPhone) until they called for boarding.
The flight took 3hrs. The plane landed safely. Thank goodness. I kept picturing the Lion Air which recently overshot the runway and landed in the sea in Bali.
At the airport, a female customs officer told me to open my bag. When I opened my bag some of my clothes, undergarments sprang out. *smack forehead* Luckily she wasn't interested in my clothes. She told me to step aside. She was wearing a pair of gloves. She pressed the insides of my luggage bag, inch by inch without missing an inch as if she was giving my bag a Balinese massage. Satisfied, she smiled and told me to close the bag. It was awkward for me. Now everyone there knows what I will be wearing for the next few days. *sigh*

The moment I stepped out of the airport I saw hubby. I guess he was afraid someone else might grab me instead. Theehehe! He's always extra careful, extra caring, extra jealous? No? Hehe!

I didn't do much on my first night there in Bali. Arrived at 6pm and it was already dark like 8pm in Malaysia. I was tired and not actually in a mood to look around. But it feels great to just lie down on a comfy bed with soft but firm pillows after a warm shower.

View from the balcony

We stayed in Conrad Bali. 
It's in Benua, Nusa Dua.

A great place to shop. If you're in Bali you must visit Ubud Market. It's about 2 hrs drive from
Nusa Dua and maybe 1 1/2hrs from Kuta.
There are all kinds of things there like t-shirts, dresses, paintings, ukuleles, hats, baskets, shorts, colourful wooden penis phallic shaped key-chains, etc.
Ask for the price only if you're interested to buy. Because they'll ask you, how much you would pay for it and if they can match the price and you walk away they'll get angry. Glad that didn't happen to me.

Well, it almost happened to me. You see, I asked this lady how much for that sleeveless t-shirt she said IDR160K. I said IDR60, she said no, she reduced to IDR120. I felt that I had made a mistake in calculation. IDR60 was about RM20. So I walked away. From far she called me and said ok IDR60. I apologised, and told her that I'll come back to her shop. She wasn't angry, she said ok come back. I feel bad. I decided to be wiser and calculate faster in my head before asking for a certain price.

Balinese free-size pants.

Another 2 hrs drive back. We went to Jimbaran for dinner.
Btw, this is Pak Gus. He was our supir(driver)
He charged IDR500K depending on the location. 
Car+driver+fuel. Not bad ey?
He is polite, patient and he drives with care.
I'll provide his details at the end of my blog.

Seafood restaurants along Jimbaran beach. Love it!
It's actually much dimmer. 
My Nikon DSLR camera captured it beautifully.

We were dancing earlier. LOL! Just kidding.

Balinese dance.

Back at the hotel...Ahhh
I simply love this view. So dreamy.

The next day we went to Rumah Spa 5 mins from our hotel.
It's not actually like a rumah (house) it's a building.
The price is reasonable USD55 for 2hrs.
Jiwa Spa at our hotel was USD100 for 1hr. 
There are cheaper ones around that area that provides pick up and drop off. But I don't quite like the house type spa because the room smells musty due to the wooden walls, window frame, table, etc. Maybe it didn't dry up properly after a rain.

After that we went to Kuta. Not the busy part of Kuta. 
I didn't want to be in a crowded place.

We ate lunch at Bebek Tepi Sawah.
Bebek tepi sawah means ducks by the paddy field.

If you're in Bali, you must try Bebek bengil. 
Bebek means duck. Bengil means dirty, as in covered in mud and smelly.
 Err..according to our Pak Gus.
 It's crispy, it's fried and it quacks. Well, not anymore now.
I've never tried duck before. I kinda like it :D

Pura, in Uluwatu. 
There are many monkeys around this area. 
A girl who was walking behind us had a bottle of orange juice when a monkey came and tugged her skirt and then it didn't let go. Saw her spinning round and round with the monkey at the tail of her skirt. When the monkey finally gave up. She ran towards us. Her friend held on to our driver Pak Gus.
So if you're there, make sure you don't carry drinks, food or wear your cap, shades, spectacles, etc. These monkeys are curious and they aren't afraid.

We watched Kecak dance in Uluwatu. They only perform once a day at sunset from 6pm to 7pm.
IDR70 per person. It was full house on a Wednesday, not a public holiday. So just imagine this place on a weekend. Make sure to be here by 4pm or earlier.

After that we had dinner at Bali Collection in Nusa Dua. So tasty!
If you're staying in Nusa Dua, there's complimentary
hotel shuttle to this mall and back.

Seafood platter for two :D

a nice warm foamy bath :D

our spacious balcony.

The path to the beach.
10am. But feels like noon.

 Airport tax is not included on your flight ticket, so make sure you have IDR150K in your wallet.
We didn't know about this, we spent almost all of our IDR before walking to the boarding gate. LOL!
They don't accept credit card they only accept cash. 
Luckily she accepted our Malaysian Ringgit. Paid MYR50/person.

There was this drunk dude on our flight who we heard repeatedly saying
bye bye Bali. He was so annoying. LOL!
Somehow those words are stuck in my head.
and it goes like this...byeee byeee Baaali ;(