Thursday, May 30, 2013

Legoland again :D

Legoland on a weekday. We kinda got the place all to ourselves. *giggles*
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a bashful green dragon.

 Going up on Lego Technic ride.
it goes click click click..the first plunge was scary the rest was fun.

Wheeeee! I felt my butt lifted off the seat for a sec

This is the wet kinda ride.
Whole body dryer is available at RM10.
But don't expect your hair to be all bouncy and nice lah. Haha!

with Lego Chima.

at kids playground but no kids around. 
Just moi!


Angkor what?

if you look closely you'd find a brunette Dolly Parton.

Lego city


shopping for toys before 6pm. 
FYI, on weekdays Legoland closes at 6pm. 

The photographer told us to pose this way. We aren't geeky. 
Just pleasing the photographer.

Before calling it a night,
we celebrated our son's 11th Birthday

Sunday, May 5, 2013

13th General Election


After months of campaigning the time has come. Today is the day Malaysians cast their ballot.
Hubby voted earlier this morning in Damansara. He was in a snake long queue for more than 2hrs. 
He was supposed to buy breakfast on his way back but he came home with lunch instead.
He told me about his experience over lunch.
I decided to go just before they close the center. 
Hehe! I don't have the patience to be waiting in line.

So here we are waltzing in at 4'ish after a heavy rain. Ballot center closes at 5pm.

At Samad High School School, PJ.
Our boys wanted to see how it's done.

 Thee hee hee! Fashionably late :)
Voting for the first time in my life. 

 The dude who painted the ink/dye on my finger should never be a manicurist. 

I'm watching the news right now. We'll know the results in about an hour. So nervous. 
Praying for the best for Malaysia.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Induction cooker

I know it's not something new. I've never thought of getting one until I ran out of gas while cooking yesterday.

Now that I bought one, I think I'm in love with it. And yeah I forgot to call the gas man.

What I love about it is that it heats up fast hence cooking is faster. It has a timer and easy to clean.
I'm staying in a condo and it's pretty windy with occasional strong wind. I like cooking with the windows open but the wind kept blowing out the fire. So today I can cook with the windows open. Hehe!

No I'm not getting paid to promote Philips. You can go out and buy any brand you like. I decided to get Philips is because it comes with 2 years warranty. So yeah...I'm just excited to share. I bought it with my own money. Well, since I'm not working, I bought it with my hubby's money. *giggles*

Base of my induction pan. 
Just look out for induction cooker compatibility sign 
and make sure you know the diameter of your induction hob before buying one.
I wanted Tefal but they ran out 24cm base pan.

This soup pot with lid came with the induction cooker. 
It's very thin, so you must not heat it up when it's empty 
or else it'll burn because the induction cooker heats up fast even at it's lowest temperature. 
But it's not a problem if the pan is thick.

Oil splatter here and there. Luckily it's easy to clean up.
Or maybe I need the splatter mesh guard.