Monday, December 28, 2015

through sickness and in health...till death do us part

I was at a friend's niece's wedding recently. A friend whom I've not met for more than a decade. So glad to see her again after a long time.
I met her mom and saw her father in a wheelchair being pushed around the wedding hall by her eldest son. She said her father is 86 years old and recently started experiencing Alzheimer's disease. It started slowly but somehow it's getting worst. My heart sank just thinking about it.

It got me thinking, how will things be for us when we're old. How if I suffer from dementia? Will my sons care for me? Will my husband still love me the way he does? Or will I care, love and give my husband the support if he's suffering from it? Will I be around to care for him?
For most Alzheimer's disease sufferer, the memory loss part is not the hardest part, but the aggressive behaviour (either verbally or physically) that makes it difficult for one to care for the person.

As for my parents and parents in law, I know in my heart, insyaAllah... I/we will be able to care for them.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Batu Caves

The last time I was here, it was a very long time ago. I was 10. I ran up halfway and I wheezed. We all had to rush home so that I can use my nebulizer. I still remember, eldest sister weren't too happy about it. Hehe! I'm the only one in my family who is asthmatic. So you can imagine the amount of trips that didn't happen because of me.

Well that was in the past. Anyways, since it's a school holiday and we aren't planning to go anywhere this time around (busy settling down at our new place, lots of money spend on the new home, blah blah blah..), so I decided to take my boys to Batu Caves. Actually we wanted to go to the National Science Centre but it was closed due to some renovation or something and my friend recommended Batu Caves.  Why not right? After all, I've never actually been there.

My boys' have seen pics of Batu Caves in their text books.
So yeay, here we are. Finally.

272 steps. Here we go... *holding on to my patella*

I was like smile for the camera..but in reality huffing and puffing..yes it was tiring.

Limestone cave.
Since it's a rainy season, we are able to see droplets of water falling down from the ceiling of the cave.
Not visible from there pics though

Yeah puddles where and there. Watch out boys.

Macaques everywhere.
Do not to carry any drinks, food or something in plastic bag when you're here because these cheeky monkeys will come after you. Unless you desperately want the attention.

Batman in a jar

This was at Dark Cave next to Batu Caves. But we will have to climb up the steps half way, it's located on the left. Unfortunately we didn't go in. I wanted to but my boys refuse because they read at the entrance that rarest spiders are found in that 100 million over year old cave. I hate creepy crawlies too but it looks fun. I peeked inside, the cave is pitch dark. If you want to try, hardhats will be provided and there will be a guide with torch light who will take you in. Sounds interesting. Perhaps I'll try it next time. Educational tour is RM35 for adults.
Check it out :

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Rumah baru..a new journey

Hola! Wow it's been ages. I have to admit, I have been lazy. So anyways, we've finally moved into a new condo for about a week now. 
It wasn't a sudden decision, we have been looking around for a bigger place to stay. Torn between, current location and TTDI. Actually Kota Damansara is not that far, but the traffic going in and out is horrendous. Funny thing is, for years we were seasonal house-hunters. There were times when we were actively looking and there were also times when we were contented with our place. You know that malas (lazy) feeling. House hunting is tiring. We saw a few properties that we like but the price is way above our budget. 
And then one day when we were booking for a property that was slightly bigger than our previous condo, the sales agent Chanti (which I knew for yearsss of house hunting. We have been in contact via whatsapp) told us that there's a condo that's double the side of our previous condo and it's the same price as the one we were booking. So we immediately agreed to view the condo.
Of course it wasn't new condo, it was a sub-sale, that means we would have to pay for the legal fee and the rest. Well, it was still a good buy, considering the condo is partly furnished with built in cabinets/wardrobe. :)

Master bathroom. hehe! No peeping please :P Cak!

Yes, I've always wanted a condo with a garden.
The previous owner love pebbles. The whole ground is covered by pebbles.

We want a fresh looking garden. But instead of regular grass which will be messy, we opt for artificial grass. So that we don't need to cut nor water it yet it stays green.

See.. dah install pun.

Boys will be boys. Main bola like there's no tomorrow.
The renovation took us about a month. Installing lights, rainforest shower, plaster ceiling, kitchen cabinets, fan, repainting the rooms, etc. 

*I have not been going to the gym lately. Heck! Like a month. I feel so sluggish. 

Okay here are...

5 tips you must do before buying a sub sale property:

1- Make sure all the built-ins are in working order. Minor ones like lose hinge are fixable. So don't worry about it. I'm talking about major problems like termites, water mark (maybe due to leakage or previous leakage), broken parts, etc. 

2- If it's fully or partly furnished, don't worry too much about the red couch or ugly curtains you hate so much because you can easily sell them on Instead look at the ones you'd like to keep. For instance the tv, oven, hob, induction cooker/gas stove, etc. And make sure they're all in working order, especially the fan, air condition, lights, water heater and all other electrical appliances. Test everything. Oh test water pressure as well.

3- Satisfied with the property? Now work within a budget. Try not to purchased a property that's way above your initial budget. Negotiate with the agent or seller until you get a price that you feel satisfied with.

4- Remember that when you buy a sub-sale property, you will have to pay a substantial amount of money for lawyer fees, stamp duty, valuation fee (if you're taking a loan). You can calculate legal fees and stamp duty on your own. Simply google or download app that will calculate for you. Get a few quotations and pick a reliable one. Don't forget to ask for a discount. Don't forget to ask. You'll never know they might give you a discount. 

5- Set a side an amount for renovation. Keep it within that allocated budget. Get minimum 3 contractors to view the property. Take notes when the contractors give their feedbacks. List down what you wish to do based on priority. Grind the floor, new coat of paint, kitchen cabinet, new shower stall, install grille, change lighting, etc. The not so important ones can wait.

Well, that's about it :P