Monday, December 28, 2015

through sickness and in health...till death do us part

I was at a friend's niece's wedding recently. A friend whom I've not met for more than a decade. So glad to see her again after a long time.
I met her mom and saw her father in a wheelchair being pushed around the wedding hall by her eldest son. She said her father is 86 years old and recently started experiencing Alzheimer's disease. It started slowly but somehow it's getting worst. My heart sank just thinking about it.

It got me thinking, how will things be for us when we're old. How if I suffer from dementia? Will my sons care for me? Will my husband still love me the way he does? Or will I care, love and give my husband the support if he's suffering from it? Will I be around to care for him?
For most Alzheimer's disease sufferer, the memory loss part is not the hardest part, but the aggressive behaviour (either verbally or physically) that makes it difficult for one to care for the person.

As for my parents and parents in law, I know in my heart, insyaAllah... I/we will be able to care for them.