Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Galavanting gone wrong. How to find a lost cat.

last pic taken before she went missing

I'm so glad Koffee is back with us. She went missing last year. We lost her on 27th of Dec 2015 and found her on 3rd of Jan 2016 (technically it was just 7 days). The longest 7 days for me/us. Although she's an indoor cat, she loves going out. She's a genius cat. She can open cupboards, switch on vacuum, air-purifier, unlock the cat-door and also taught me how to play fetch with her. She's so smart I wonder why she couldn't find her way home.

So here's what I learnt. When you lose a cat:

1- Don't panic. When you panic you can't think rationally.

2- Don't take things lightly thinking your pet will come home. No, sometimes they need help to get home.

3- Look for your cat ASAP chances if finding your cat after 48 hours are low because it's probably going further away from home.

4- Thanks to today's technology, we can use websites like petfinder, facebook, instagram (hashtag your cat's last seen location/venue), etc. Inform your neighbours. Print posters with a pic and a brief but unique description about your cat like black spot on nose, white left paw, etc. Also post the posters at vet clinics in or near the last seen location.

What I did was, I emailed my condo management office. They told me they can't do anything much. But they can inform the guards and keep a lookout for my cat. They can't post pics of my cat at any of their bulletin boards because pets aren't allowed in condos. So I knew I had to do it myself one way or another. I went looking around, we hardly know any of my neighbours because we just moved here. I don't know where to start. We prayed hard for her return. 
I waited for good news from the management office. In the end I decided to visit the cctv guard control room. I spoke to the guards and showed him the poster. One of them told me that someone from the 6th floor called to inform them that she saw a cat roaming around on 28th of Dec. Straight away we went to the 6th floor.We searched the area and called out for her. But not a single sign of her. On 1st Jan, we went up to the top most floor which is the 17th floor and walk down floor by floor thoroughly combing the area. This time I brought along her toy. I shook her toy and hope that she would recognise the sound and she'd come running like in the movies. Anyways we comb the entire place floor by floor and then we walked around the pool area and garden on the ground floor. The whole place is gated so I doubt she would find her way out of the condo area. We don't know where else to look for her.
Hubby suggest putting posters on the 6th floor. So on the 3rd of Jan, I printed 30 posters for houses/units on level 6.
We bumped into a lady along the corridor on the 6th floor and I approached her. She said she saw a cat which she described as brown black. Sounds like Koffee. Yeay! So we gave her a poster so that she can call me if she sees the cat again. 
We went back down and as we were about to have our dinner, that same lady called. She told me that the cat is near her garden. Straight away we went up to the 6th floor. And there she was. She appeared shy but when I carried her she didn't struggle much. She felt light. Poor Koffee. So glad we didn't give up looking for her. :)

Mylo is happy that Koffee is back home. He has not been himself ever since she went missing.